Ethereum cloud mining – A short introduction

Ethereum Cloud Mining   A Short Introduction

Ethereum Cloud Mining Genesis Mining

Ethereum popularity has risen the last month sharply. Ethereum is a decentralized platform. On this platform, anyone can build applications. To do this, you need computational power. Computational power can be bought by the  Ethereum currency, Ether. That is constructed to avoid spam.

Ethereum is right now running on Proof of work and it´s still a currency with inflation. That means miners get rewards in Ether.

Genesis mining offers Ethereum cloud mining contracts. Genesis mining has announced they will run for 1 year or as long Ethereum remains Proof of work. If the switch to Proof of stake happens while your contract still is active, the contract will change to X11 contract for the remaining period. Buy Ethereum cloud mining contracts at Genesis mining and use our 3 % discount: allcloud

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