Bitcoin passive income

Bitcoin passive income

Bitcoin passive income

Bitcoin Passive Income – Invest 10 BTC

We have long experience with investments in Bitcoin to get passive income. We have invested in peer-to-peer lending, cloud mining, investments programs, margin funding, shares and different savings account. We will now list the best investments so far with a risk spread over several different options. Remember that investments of any kind involve risk. What you need to do is to minimize that risk by knowledge and diversification.


Withdrawable investment vs Non-withdrawable investments

We always prefers withdrawable investments over non-withdrawable investments. With withdrawable investments, there is always a less risk since you can always save what is left even if the investment decrease in value. Some of our investments in the table have Yes/No on withdrawable investment, In peer-to-peer lending, for example, are the money locked during the loan term. But the loans are almost always divided into many small portions and you will get paid back small portions that you can choose to reinvest or withdraw.

Profitability with Bitcoin passive income

The profitability from Bitcoin passive income varies from around 2-20 %. In rare cases, the profitability also can be up to 40-50%. We have seen this on some rare occasions at Bitfinex margin lending. However, those are short-term loans and are not running for a year. You should always look at the average interest or ROI over a year or a longer period to be able to compare different investment alternatives.


Risks in Bitcoin passive income

There are a few risks with the different investments. Remember that almost always does the return on investment reflects the actual risk with the investment. Margin funding is the investment with the lowest risk, especially with Magnr. Magnr offers one kind of interest account where the use the funds to supply leverage for traders. It´s a more safe way to offer margin funding. All margin funding is protected by algorithms at the platforms which makes it very hard to loose money. Cloud Mining involves different types of risks such as mining difficulty, coin price and cloud mining operator. Read more about cloud mining risks on our cloud mining page.


Risk diversification in Bitcoin passive income

Risk diversification is always good with all kinds of investment, as for investments in Bitcoin passive income. According to our table, you will get a good risk diversification over different companies and even one part in Ethereum investment.

Updated: 2017-10-07

CompanyInvestmentAmount (BTC)ROI (Estimated)Withdrawable at any point

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Bitcoin Cloud Mining05-20%No
Genesis Mining ETH, promo code: allcloudCloud mining contract1.55-20 %No
Genesis Mining Zcash, promo code: allcloudCloud mining contract1.55-15 %No


Cloud mining contract15-20%No
BitfinexMargin funding


34-25 %Yes/No
PoloniexMargin funding24-10 %Yes/No
MagnrInterest account12-3 %Yes

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Bitcoin Social Trading

Bitcoin social trading is a new modern style of trading. Basically, it means that you and the other people learn from each other by different community tools. In another word, it´s called crowd wisdom and is always better than individual wisdom. This is also possible to use as a passive income tool. With Bitcoin social trading it´s possible to use a copy function where you can select any top-ranked trader and copy his strategy by a bot supplied from the platform. The trader you choose to copy benefit from this by a share of the trading fees and also better trading conditions for herself or himself. Read more in our blog post, Bitcoin Social Trading or Etoro Review.