Bitcoin exchange news July 2016

Bitcoin exchange news July 2016

Bitcoin exchange news july 2016

Bitcoin exchange news July 2016

A lot of things going on right now in the Bitcoin exchange world. Bitfinex ranks 1st among different exchanges in a test. Coinbase added Ether trading to the exchange. We present the actual trading volumes among the biggest exchanges.

Coinbase adds support for Ethereum

Coinbase has now added support for Ethereum network and Ether trading is possible. The Bitcoin exchange has ignored all other altcoins and only traded Bitcoin so far. Ethereum has a lot of potential with its decentralized programming language possible to write smart contracts. The company announced this news a couple of months ago but it took some time to fully integrate Ethereum trading with GDAX. GDAX is a professional cryptocurrency trading exchange while Coinbase focuses more on mainstream adoption for cryptocurrencies. Coinbase now offers an easy way for anyone to enter the Ethereum decentralized network and trade the underlying asset, Ether.


Bitfinex best exchange

We have for a long time promoted Bitfinex as one of our top Bitcoin exchanges. Now, Kaiko has ranked Bitfinex as the number one Bitcoin exchange by volume and liquidity. Other Bitcoin exchanges in the report were Coinbase, OKcoin, Bitstamp, Huobi, BTC-e, Gemini and itBit.

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Bitcoin Trading volumes

We present the trading volumes in different Bitcoin markets in a table. The trading volumes are for 24 h on 2016-07-23. You can also see the percentage of the total trading volume in that particular market.

Bitcoin exchange news July 2016

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Bitcoin halving and Bitcoin price

Below, we present the Bitcoin halving and the Bitcoin price. Since the Bitcoin halving was a known event for everyone you can expect that the implications are build up before the actual happening. You can see on the graph how the price has almost tripled half a year before the halving occurred at the 10th of July 2016.

bitcoin exchange news July 2016