Bitcoin exchange news Aug 2016

Bitcoin exchange news Aug 2016

Bitcoin Exchange News Aug 2016

Bitcoin exchange news Aug 2016

There are some new in Bitcoin Exchanges during Aug 2016. The greatest new is, of course, Bitfinex got hacked. EXMO has updated their platform. Coinbase enables Ethereum classic withdrawals. Poloniex and Kraken are the greatest in volume for ETC.

Bitfinex got hacked

One of the safest and one of the greatest Bitcoin exchanges, Bitfinex, got hacked. Bitfinex lost over $65 million dollars to hackers 2nd of Aug. The company has decided to split the money among its users which will end up in a total loss of 36 % of any asset held. Bitfinex are just now working on alternatives to cover this 36 % loss to its users.


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EXMO updates the platform

EXMO announced the 1st of August they are transferring to new servers. All old digital wallet addresses for cryptocurrencies are inactive. You will need to generate new ones and immediately stop using old ones. Please check if you have any automatic payments coming into your EXMO wallet from example cloud mining companies or similar.

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Coinbase enables ETC withdrawals

Coinbase users will soon be able to withdraw classic Ethers. The company may not add ETC for trading. However, it’s important for Coinbase that their customers trust them. Coinbase right now holds customers funds in a currency they never intend to add.

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Poloniex and Kraken with ETC volume

Poloniex were the first exchange to add trading for Ether classic. Kraken was not a long time after. Right now these two exchanges have the greatest volumes in ETC trading.

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