Bitcoin Price Prediction

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Bitcoin Price Prediction

  1. Trading Volume
  2. Mining Difficulty
  3. Technical Indicators
  4. Venture Capital

Bitcoin Price Prediction – Trading Volume

If trading volume increase in a positive trend it means the Bitcoin price is strong. If the trading volume increase in a negative trend it means the bitcoin price is weak. If the trading volume decreases slowly with a stable price it could mean Bitcoin community loose in popularity. If the Bitcoin price is stable when the trading volume increase it probably means an increase in price is close.

In the graph below we can see a very strong trend by the Bitcoin price since Dec 2015. At the same time, the Bitcoin trading volume also has increased. This means that the Bitcoin price is supported by the trading volume for the moment.

bitcoin price prediction trading volume


Bitcoin Price Prediction – Mining Difficulty

If mining difficulty increases it means it´s harder to get new bitcoins and the price would increase. In the graph below we can see a clear trend in the mining difficulty of Bitcoin. In July 2016 the inflation rate of Bitcoin was halved and many Bitcoin mining businesses went bankrupt. However, if the mining difficulty increase it would be natural for the Bitcoin price to rise and vice versa.

bitcoin price prediction mining difficulty

Bitcoin Price Prediction – Technical indicators

Many technical indicators show sell signals for the moment. Technical indicators are extremely short term predictions. For all technical indicators see the link below.


Bitcoin Price Prediction – Venture Capital

If more venture capital is streaming into Bitcoin community it means it has support to gain in popularity. In the article below (which is from May 2016), it´s possible to read about how much money is currently streaming into blockchain and applications based on Bitcoin blockchain and payment system.



Trading volume – Positive trend which indicates on increasing price

Mining Difficulty – Positive trend which indicates on increasing price

Technical Indicators – Indicating Sell which indicates falling Bitcoin Price on a short-term basis.

Venture Capital – Positive long-term trend but some articles tells about a short-term fall in Bitcoin Venture Capital

All on all, the Bitcoin Price Prediction is positive on a long-term basis.