Invest in Ripple 2017

Invest in Ripple 2017

Invest in Ripple 2017 presents news, exchanges, trading and investments. Ripple is a payment protocol and a cryptocurrency (XRP).

Invest in Ripple 2017

Invest in Ripple 2017 can be a good idea. There are right now many banks worldwide testing the Ripple payment network for international transfers. Ripple is both a currency and a payment protocol. Their main goal is to make international money transfer more frictionless.

Ripple news 2017

Ripple news in 2017 will be many. The great exchange Bitstamp has added XRP trading, many banks use Ripple in pilot scale for further investigation, Bitgo launches Enterprise wallet

Buy Ripple XRP 2017

To buy Ripple XRP 2017 you need to find a Ripple exchange. We have listed the best Ripple exchanges with most trading volumes.

  • Bitstamp is a fully regulated exchange with large market volume in XRP/EUR, XRP/USD and XRP/BTC. Read our Bitstamp review.
  • Poloniex is a crypto exchange without fiat exchanges. Poloniex has by far the largest trading volume in XRP/BTC. Read our Poloniex review.
  • Kraken is a large and secure US exchange with large market volumes in many markets including XRP/BTC. Read our Kraken review.


Trade Ripple XRP in 2017

The exchanges also offers you to trade Ripple XRP in 2017. We have listed the different trading features each exchange offer to their customers.

  • Bitstamp trading Ripple XRP in all three markets XRP/EUR, XRP/USD and XRP/BTC. Bitstamp does not offer margin or leverage trading.
  • Poloniex margin trading and margin lending with Ripple XRP.
  • Kraken trading with charts and iOS app.


Ripple XRP investments 2017

There are limited Ripple XRP investment opportunities in 2017. Poloniex offer margin funding which is a way of peer-to-peer lending.

  • Poloniex margin funding can give you around 0.01-0.05 % per day interest on your holdings.

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