Invest in Augur 2017

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Invest in Augur 2017

Invest in Augur 2017

Invest n Augur 2017 can be a good investment. Augur is a decentralized prediction market. It means you can predict and bet money on any future event of your choice. The software will set the odds, collect the bets, and disperse the winnings. This could potentially disrupt the whole sports betting industry since according to estimates, it will only cost 10 % of what the traditional companies take in betting spreads.

Augur Exchanges

Augur exchanges are still quite a few. The only two exchanges with a decent trading volume are Poloniex and Kraken.

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Augur prediction market

Augur is a prediction market platform that rewards you for correctly predicting future real-world events. You make your predictions by trading virtual shares in the outcome of events happening in the real-world. You buy shares in the outcome you believe in. The prices of the shares you trade in any event add up to one dollar. To buy shares at even odds will cost you 50 cents and to 70-30 odds will cost you either 70 cents or 30 cents whether you bet for or against. You will get one dollar for every share you bought if you win.

Augur isn’t a full-fledged casino. You can’t play roulette or poker, and running lotto on the platform would be tricky. But it’ll be great for any kind of event betting such as sports betting or political betting.

Augur summary

  • Augur is decentralized and has no central servers since it is built on the Ethereum network.
  • Anyone can create a prediction market. As a market creator, you will provide some initial funding. In return, you get half of the fees collected during the lifetime of the market.
  • Augurs predicted fees are 10 % of normal sports betting fees
  • Augur use a consensus-based system to report the outcome of an event by the crowd.
  • All funds are stored in smart contracts and all deposits and withdrawals are made automatically.

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