Best Bitcoin Betting for Winter Olympics 2018

Best Bitcoin Betting for Olympic Games 2018

The Olympic Games in South Korea are coming up in 2018 which means playtime for all sport betters out there. The crypto betting became quite popular in last few years, especially since many of the platforms offer anonymous investments. What better time to use your crypto coins than the sporting extravaganza in Korean Olympics.

This review will show you what platforms offer best bitcoin betting for Olympic Games 2018 in terms of bonuses. Stay tuned as we go through SportsBet, Nitrogen Sports, CloudBet and Intertops bonus programs, their terms & conditions, and withdrawals.

Bonuses and Promotions

If you are a first time user, with a deposit of up to 0.02 BTC (20 mB), you get a 100% bonus as a reward. The bonus works only if you deposit the money and lose the bet. In this way, you will get the first money invested back, to start a new game and work it better from there. Not strictly a bonus per say but attractive promotion nevertheless, as shown in promo page below.

Best Bitcoin Betting for Olympic Games 2018 Sportsbet

Terms and Conditions

In order to get the said bonus you have to satisfy following requirements:

- Create an account at

- Make a deposit up to 0.02 BTC

- Place a pre-live, single bet of up to m฿ 20

If your bet loses, we will refund it within 24hrs while the offer itself works for users registered after 21st if November 2017.

Bonus Withdrawals

Any type of bonus needs to meet the general bonus policy, which states that different bonus percentages have to be met with balances several times larger in order to be part of the withdrawable balance. The said structure can be found below:

25% or higher – 30 times

100% or higher - 35 times

Cash bonuses (no deposit bonuses) – 35 times

150% or higher - 40 times

200% or higher - 45 times

Nitrogen Sports

Bonuses and Promotions

Apart from the Poker rewards system, there is no special bonus plan for the sportsbook at this point. You also do not get any rewards for the first deposit made in the platform, apart from one free bet gained from vouchers. We would be sure to edit this article in the meantime if the situation changes in the near future.




Bonuses and Promotions

Unlike SportsBet, CloudBet offers a classic bonus program, by which investors can gain up 5 BTC for the first ever deposit. Bonuses are very attractive for new betting players and might be enough to qualify as the best bitcoin betting site for the Olympics 2018. The bonus is also a maximum value, meaning that if you invest, say 1 BTC, you get 100% boost as well. The bonus would become available as soon as you verify your email and made a deposit through BTC wallet address.

Best Bitcoin Betting for Olympic Games 2018 cloudbet

Terms and Conditions

The minimum amount of deposit stands at 0.01 BTC. The maximum amount of time to collect the entire bonus is 365 days. It means that you can make smaller deposits over the year and continually receive a bonus at the level of the said deposit amount.

Bonus Withdrawals

CloudBet bases bonus withdrawals at the loyalty points achieved. These points are gained through betting activity on the site, by placing orders on the sportsbook. Platform releases 0.01 BTC bonus for every 800 loyalty points earned for a year.

The formula: Loyalty points = stake (in mBTC) x price score (up to 1)


Bonuses and Promotions

Although not strictly a bitcoin betting site, Intertops definitely offers bonus program for crypto investors. The balance is still expressed in USD but you can deposit bitcoins and receive a bonus equivalent in USD. There are several available sign-up bonus programs for you to sue at this moment:

1) ROOKIE200 – 200% up to $50 bonus

2) ROOKIE100 - 100% up to $100 bonus

3) ROOKIE50 - 50% up to $200 bonus

4) ROOKIEBTC - 100% up to $1.000 bonus

Terms and Conditions

Rookie programs 200, 100, and 50 are available for clients originating from the USA, Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Only first-time deposits work here and you can choose only one program as well. The rookie program works for BTC deposits only and is available for US and Canadian customers.

Bonus Withdrawals

Following betting rolling over needs to be conducted in order for the bonus to be released to your withdrawable balance:

1) ROOKIE200 – 8x at min. odds of -200 (1.5)

2) ROOKIE100 - 6x at min. odds of -200 (1.5)

3) ROOKIE50 - 4x at min. odds of -200 (1.5)

4) ROOKIEBTC - 8x at min. odds of -200 (1.5)

Beware of the Scams!

In this guide, we went over three licensed and trusted betting platforms that use bitcoins as investment money. You will find countless other websites offering the same thing. Unfortunately, a large portion of them turned out to be complete scams, sooner or later. Here are a couple of tips that should help you determine whether the service provider is a scam or not:

Are they licensed? You should always search for license details when checking out the new betting platform. You can even go further and ask for scanned license documents that can be checked at governmental agencies.

How long have they been in the game? Platforms that operate longer tend to have numerous reviews, providing experiences for other investors. Newly launched projects can be very risky to work with.

Do they provide extensive support tools? Live chat, ticket system and extensive “How to’s” are important indicators on just how much company cares about its customers. Lack of the support should raise scams flags immediately.

How good is their English? Professional betting sites should have professional writing out their content in grammatically correct and understandable English language.

Are there any security tools? 2FA, email notifications and other tools are crucial when protecting your funds. Lack of these tools means that company does not wish to invest in your safety.

Concluding Remarks

In this review we evaluated Cloudbet, Nitrogen Sports,, and Intertop. The main target was to find the best bitcoin betting for the Olympics 2018. In terms of how lucrative bonus amount is, CloudBet easily wins with 5 BTC bonus program. As for terms and conditions, Intertops offers easiest bonus terms and conditions, as you are limited by the number of bets. Finally, we deem CloudBet as the platform with most flexible withdrawal rules, since you can make multiple withdrawals of bonus within the year.

Be advised that the mentioned bonus programs can change over time, as platforms reserve the right to change them. We have listed four platforms that have been deemed as safe at this point in time. However, we cannot guarantee your complete safety when betting online.