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Best Bitcoin trading platform 2018

XYO Network – Blockchain’s First Crypto-location Coin

By daksta / 15 May, 2018

Cryptocurrency is also known as the digital or virtual currency, which makes use of cryptography to enable secure transactions, and at the same time also control the creation of new cryptocurrency units. Cryptocurrency wallets use encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and to verify the transfer of funds. A cryptocurrency wallet is…

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Bitcoin’s Unpredictability – Will this volatility influence the other Markets?

By daksta / 26 March, 2018

Bitcoin, the world’s first digital currency has the potential to make payments faster and simpler. It has many benefits, for example, it reduces remittance, provides control over capital and is being more widely used and accepted in today’s time. Bitcoin operates on a demand and supply basis and with no formal body governing this, it’s…

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Use Bitcoin to pay your website hosting

Use Bitcoin to pay your website hosting

By daksta / 15 March, 2018

In this guide, we will provide you with an answer on how to use bitcoin to pay your website hosting easily and safely. We have compiled a report on the known bitcoin website hosting platforms, investigating their functions. These indicators are cost plans, privacy, and other available services. The said platforms that you will find…

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bitcoin tax management platform

How do I pay Bitcoin tax using BitcoinTaxes?

By daksta / 11 March, 2018

In this article, we go over the question on how do I pay bitcoin tax using BitcoinTaxes. We try to answer the question by investigating the BitcoinTaxes platform in several terms. Firstly, we go over what counties implement taxes on BTC trade and why are such policies important. Then, we go over the BitcoinTaxes platform…

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bitcoin trading how to

Know How To Trade Bitcoins For Profit And Returns

By daksta / 9 March, 2018

The value of cryptocurrency rises and falls every day, and thus is a great way for people to trade bitcoins and gain some profits along with returns on their investments. Purchasing bitcoins online and then selling them is one of the easiest hassle-free ways in which anyone can make some money online. We at, Cryptocoinzone,…

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