Coinality Review

With the rise of bitcoin, cryptocurrency freelance became quite a popular option on job markets around the world. Now, you have several platforms to check out. This Coinality review is meant for both employers and freelancers, as we rate out a freelance website called Coinality. The review investigates Coinality’s fees, security, ownership, verification requirements and much more.

We also provide pros and cons that can be used to compare the company with other similar platforms, such as XBT Freelancer and Cryptogrind.

Who Owns Coinality

The company behind the platform is called Coinality LLC., based in California, USA. The organization has several platforms that offer crypto freelance services, them being,, and Each of these platforms offers a different set of services but this article will concentrate on the mostly.

The company thus has numerous partnerships and business connections established since its start in 2014. These partnership programs include ShapeShift, Airbitz, Kraken, and many others.

Projects and Users

Coinality has a mixed approached when compared to XBT Freelancer and Cryptogrind, The platform encourages both job ads and freelancer presentations. At this very moment, not many jobs are being posted at the marketplace, with employers and freelancers working directly through resume presentation.

When projects are in question, very few have been posted in 2018. The spheres of interest are marketing, IT and writing, with most of them concerned with cryptocurrencies, as you can see in the picture below this paragraph. This is further enhanced by the fact that most partners and friends of the site are exchanges or ICOs.

Coinality Review project and users

Apart from bitcoin, the platform also offers payments expressed in Litecoin and Dogecoin, two more than XBT Freelancer and Cryptogrind. There are about 900 profiles registered on the website, slightly lower than 1.400 in Cryptogrind and a lot of 55 thousand at XBT Freelancer.

Fees does not charge any fees for any of the services offered at the platform. You do not have a deposit, withdrawal or miner fees since platform operates as a communication channel only. Freelancers and employers would connect through the job postings and payments are handled outside of the website.

The platform operates through voluntary donations from investors and users, meaning that site is not profit-oriented.


Coinality has very little security features available for its clients, even less so than XBT Freelancer and Cryptogrind. The reason for the lack of development in this sphere lies in the fact that positions are usually long-term with no milestone or escrow service available. The site also does not offer any sort of  FAQ or support sections.

Projects and jobs are manually reviewed by the Coinality’s support staff on a voluntary basis. There are no fees or costs associated with the platform, which is the main limitation to security features. The website is merely an online marketplace, where freelancers and employers can connect with each other. There are no payment systems, deposits or other features available, as parties involved would take those processes outside of Coinality.

Ratings and Reputation

XBT Freelancer and Cryptogrind, due to the orientation of their business, both offer grading system. This is not the case with the Coinality since profiles and projects are merely means to advertise one's needs or skills. Employers and freelancers only connect to the platform and then take the communicating outside if terms are agreeable.

There is neither historical data nor past projects concluded since Coinality does not track it actively. It is important to say that does not have such features. is supposed to offer many services which are not available at the former site.


Apart from, there are other two platforms owned and ran by the Coinality.LLC. Each of these marketplaces has their own set of goals to achieve. The services also differ, thus we have included them in pour analysis as they are concerned with crypto freelancing.

The platform aims to be one of the top crypto freelance platforms in the world by pre-screening freelancers. The job sector is IT only, with developers applying to the company as service providers. The screening stage would ensure only top employees would be available for employers to choose.

Unlike, the new site would offer escrow services, disputes, and other security features. Thus, the is a profit-based marketplace that would monitor the market regularly.

It is important to note that the marketplace is yet to be released to the general public, as seen below.

Coinality Review platforms

The release date is yet to be announced and is part of the overall strategy of the company to shift from nonprofit services to a regular freelance platform.

Job Fairs

BitcoinJobFair started out as a similar idea at The platform simply offers a fair schedule program, listing out important crypto job events. The service is free to use and no registration process is necessary to participate.

There are no costs to attend these events. The fair itself serves as a gathering place for employers and job-seekers to communicate and meet. Operations are run through donations made by employers and Coinality’s operations, while job-seekers can visit the fair for free.

Much like, the website now is inactive, since the last event organized was Sunnyvale 2015.

Pros and Cons

Our investigation uncovered several pros and cons that you should use when comparing Coinality with XBT Freelancer and Cryptogrind.


- platform completely free to sue

- several marketplaces available (, and Job Fairs)


- very small amount of jobs and services offered at the platform

- job fairs stopped its services

- no security features and no escrow service

- no historical data about employers or freelancers


This Coinality review uncovered several important indicators that you should keep in mind. It seems that services are being shut down since and BitcoinJobFairs both have no new users or events.

Although free to use, its services are nonexistent, since clients use the website as first stage communication only. Thus, we advise freelancers and employers to use XBT Freelancer and Cryptogrind, since they have a larger number of users.