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Their marketing team seem to be inexperienced, tie that into low amount of followers across their social media platforms. Seems to be an area they need to improve upon.

Perhaps marketing is strong enough for the crypto-community, but not well established enough for the developer community, which they will rely heavily on for use of the network. This may change, once they release an update development SDK.

The team of Advisors is one of the strongest parts of this ICO. The advisory team is well established in themselves with strong lengthy backgrounds. This is likely to create a successful following and will find a market of investors. Expect the price to be higher once ICO is completed.

An interesting aspect is utilizing Alibaba Cloud, for some of the processes carried out in the software. In addition, dedicated pages and news stories written in Mandarin. Cappasity is looking at not just the western market but large markets in the east of the world.
Even though the company has good fundamentals, a major negative is the ambiguous proceeds expected amount and the total amount of tokens that will actually be on the market. Dependent on this, the max total supply will be deemed either more in line with average costs or expenses. The chance for cheap tokens has been missed in ICO phase 1 and with ICO phase 2 and public phase expected at $0.24 (Current market value), the tokens seem to be a bit on the expensive side.
Though we expect, if the company can get enough volume from customers, token holders and nodes, should expect a value increase in the token itself over the long term and as an established firm, there is less risk of bankruptcy.

The founders will control at least a quarter of the token supply. In addition will be able to sell 12.5% of the total supply in one year. Which is a bit high, considering that they will be the direct beneficiaries from dividends from the Cappasity Inc and be able to use the funds as an investment to the company.

In conclusion, they have an existing business and work practices in place and so far adhered to their public roadmap. From this based on comparable, we give this ICO/business offering a 55% out of 100% rating and would expect a fair dollar value investment return.

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