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Best Bitcoin trading platform 2018

XYO Network – Blockchain’s First Crypto-location Coin

By daksta / 15 May, 2018

Cryptocurrency is also known as the digital or virtual currency, which makes use of cryptography to enable secure transactions, and at the same time also control the creation of new cryptocurrency units. Cryptocurrency wallets use encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and to verify the transfer of funds. A cryptocurrency wallet is…

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Store Cryptocurrencies safe 2018 logo

Store Cryptocurrencies Safe 2018

By admin / 22 January, 2018

This article will discuss how to store cryptocurrencies safe 2018 with regards to online wallets, hardware wallets, desktop wallets and paper wallets. The main goal is to provide you with information regarding what wallet is the most secure. We also provide a brief guide on what kind of transactions each option should be used. Holding…

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Ripple XRP Wallet

By admin / 4 June, 2017

  Ripple XRP Wallet at Gatehub, Rippex or exchanges. Ripple XRP Wallet We present three different ways to create a Ripple XRP wallet. Gatehub is similar to an exchange wallet but is separated because it was the first choice when Ripple migrated all their official wallets to third party holders. Gatehub Rippex Exchange wallets Ripple Summary Before…

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