Cryptotrader Review

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Cryptotrader Review

Cryptotrader company

Cryptotrader is an algorithmic trading platform for cryptocurrencies that allows to automate your trading strategies via flexible built-in scripting language based on coffeescript.


Cryptotrader Review Summary

ROI – n/a
Risk – High
Withdraw investment – Possible
Support – No experience
Passive investment – Very active

Investment and risks

Cryptotrader do not hold your funds or have access to them. Trades are placed on your behalf on an exchange of your choice.

Our experience

We have not tried this service yet.

Search engines and forums

Be aware that it is not for everyone and most definitely not for normal users without decent trading experience and programming skills.

Features and support

Cryptotrader offer a comprehensive cloud-based solution, which requires no installation of any software. Bots are running in their scalable VPS cloud 24/7.

Deposit and withdraw

Payment methods: Bitcoin

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