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Their marketing team seem to be very small, tie that into low amount of followers across their social media platforms. Seems to be an area they need to improve upon. The marketing is not even strong enough for the crypto-community.

The team of Advisors is one of the strongest parts of this ICO. The advisory team is well established in themselves with strong lengthy backgrounds and applicable experience.

The core team has an average experience of 10.33 years each. In addition, the experience closely ties into the product offering, and the team seems to have the capability to carry through this project.
The company has poor fundamentals, with the Team being the only obvious strength. A negative factor is the lack of development or offering to the market. This product is in very early stages.

The tokens may appreciate in value due to speculation, but will not be utilized until mid-2019. Meaning they will have no use case for about 1.5 years.

Though we expect, if the company can get a working product released, the economic usage of each token or utility will be high, as they will be required in every transaction. It also appears that they plan on creating a buyer and seller market, that would work well on an open platform across the globe. Allowing the buyer (Company placing bounty) to get the most efficient price for security bugs.

In conclusion, they have no existing business, apart from the team already have worked together on Narf Industries. The team have the expertise to follow their roadmap and appears realistic in its timescales. From this based on minimal comparables, we give this ICO/business offering a 55% out of 100% rating and would expect a fair dollar value investment return. Similar ICO reviews are available for WELL, Cappasity and World-Wi-Fi.

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