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Bitcoin’s Unpredictability – Will this volatility influence the other Markets?

By daksta / 26 March, 2018

Bitcoin, the world’s first digital currency has the potential to make payments faster and simpler. It has many benefits, for example, it reduces remittance, provides control over capital and is being more widely used and accepted in today’s time. Bitcoin operates on a demand and supply basis and with no formal body governing this, it’s…

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bitcoin tax management platform

How do I pay Bitcoin tax using BitcoinTaxes?

By daksta / 11 March, 2018

In this article, we go over the question on how do I pay bitcoin tax using BitcoinTaxes. We try to answer the question by investigating the BitcoinTaxes platform in several terms. Firstly, we go over what counties implement taxes on BTC trade and why are such policies important. Then, we go over the BitcoinTaxes platform…

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What are decentralized exchanges

What are decentralized exchanges

By admin / 18 February, 2018

In this article, we will explain what decentralized exchanges are with regards to how they differ from centralized exchanges, how a trade is secured on a decentralized exchange, the benefits of a decentralized exchange, notable decentralized exchanges and the how the future might look like. See all cryptocurrency exchange reviews at Cryptocoinzone.   The underlying…

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Is Faceboook About to Launch Their own Cryptocurrency

Is Facebook About to Launch Their Own Cryptocurrency?

By admin / 15 February, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg has stirred-up rumors in the ethos of cryptocurrency chatter. Speculations are swirling that Facebook may be poised to introduce their own cryptocurrency. Other questions remain such as the type of tech that would be behind such a coin. Furthermore, how would a Facebookcoin compare to the other social coins already in existence? While…

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Store Cryptocurrencies safe 2018 logo

Store Cryptocurrencies Safe 2018

By admin / 22 January, 2018

This article will discuss how to store cryptocurrencies safe 2018 with regards to online wallets, hardware wallets, desktop wallets and paper wallets. The main goal is to provide you with information regarding what wallet is the most secure. We also provide a brief guide on what kind of transactions each option should be used. Holding…

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Bitcoin peer-to-peer lending

By admin / 28 May, 2016

Bitcoin peer-to-peer lending What is Bitcoin peer-to-peer lending? Bitcoin peer-to-peer lending is essentially decentralized lending with cryptocurrencies. There are three types of cryptocurrency lending: Peer-to-peer lending (Borrower is a private person) Peer-to-business lending (Borrower is usually a SME) Margin lending or margin funding (Borrower is a margin trader) Bitcoin peer-to-peer lending allows borrowers to access…

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