Trading Bitcoin

Many Bitcoin exchanges also have the Trading Bitcoin features. Also, we list CFD-trading companies and Bitcoin bots that offer the possibility to trade with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


bitfinex trading review cryptocoinzone

  • Trading/Lending/Exchange
  • High liquidity in BTC/USD



bitmex trading review cryptocoinzone

  • Leverage trading
  • Futures and Swaps


CEX.IO trading review cryptocoinzone

  • Trading/Exchange
  • Margin Trading

CEX.IO Review


poloniex bitcoin trading review cryptocoinzone

  • Liquid cryptomarkets
  • No fiat currencies

Poloniex Review


okcoin review logo

  • Chinese Bitcoin exchange
  • Trading platform



  • Many trading pairs
  • High security

Kraken Review


bitcoin trading hitbtc review logo

  • Many trading pairs
  • High security



trading bitcoin bitstamp review logo

  • Regulated
  • Few trading pairs

Bitstamp Review

Bitcoin CFD Trading

Bitcoin CFD trading is possible with Plus500 and IG. CFD, contract for difference, is the difference where a trade is entered and exited. CFD is a tradable instrument the mirrors and follows the price of the underlying asset. The actual asset is never owned.

Plus500plus500 bitcoin trading review cryptocoinzone

  • Regulated broker
  • All top cryptocurrencies
  • Advaced trading tools

Plus500 Review


avatrade review bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading logo

  • Regulated broker
  • All top cryptocurrencies
  • Free education tools

Avatrade Review


bitcoin trading etoro review

  • Good social trading
  • CopyFund
  • Earn as Popular investor

Etoro Review


instaforex review logo

  • Bitcoin Deposit
  • Bitcoin trading
  • Promos and Bonus

Instaforex Review

Bitcoin trading bot

Cryptotrader offers you the chance to build your own bitcoin trading bot.


cryptotrader trading bitcoin review cryptocoinzone

  • Cyptotrading bot
  • Software



haasonline bitcoin trading review cryptocoinzone

  • Cryptotrading bot
  • Software


Leverage trading

It is common to use leverage trading. This means you take a position more worth than your actual investment. To do this, traders borrow money temporary. All this is handled automatic by the trading company. The trader pays daily interest on the borrowed money. With Bitfinex this money can come from other traders.

Leverage trading risks

This is high risk since you can take a position worth $100.000 for $10.000. This also means you can loose more than you have invested. All companies have very well functioned safety functions for this. The companies also take a risk if you lose more than you have on your account.

CFD Trading

CFD trading, contract for difference trading, is a contract between two parties. CFD trading consist of a buyer and a seller. They agree that the seller will pay the buyer the difference between the current value of an asset and its value at contract time. If the difference is negative the buyer pays instead. CFDs are financial derivatives that allow traders to speculate in prices moving up (long positions) and prices moving down (short positions).

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