VALID Review

Valid review


Valid is a new token that is being offered for public sale on Feb 28, 2018. The Token allows users to securely digitize and monetize their personal data. We have provided links below for further research on the fine details. We are going to apply our method to evaluate the fundamentals of this token and determine a buy rating.

Website Data

The Valid website is well presented, professionally done, and very informative.


The whitepaper is detailed and is not a template.The Valid team is diverse, well known, and experienced in this space.

Team Page

The link to the page will be referenced at the end of this article. Valid has no known exact competition but has some similarities to Civic, which has been a successful project, to date. The team will hold 20% off token for growth and development funding, 30% will be placed in a growth fund, and the remaining 50% of the 1000000000 tokens will be offered during the sale.

Value Proposition

This token has a fixed number, cannot be mined, or stake. The value proposition comes from speculation of value combined with users being able to monetize and secure their private data using this token. Other use cases can be applied to voting and other applications to the government. The token is being developed by a Swiss Company called Proclavis AG, and they will manage the asset through a Foundation.


The sentiment in the crypto community is somewhat low right now concerning this token. It is still early, and they are not advertising heavily. However, similar assets like Civic have done very well. At the time of this writing, the Valid Telegram channel has 1220 members, and their Twitter has 362 Followers. This is average compared to other ICO's . I was unable to determine what exchanges they plan to kick off with, but the Lykke exchange is likely, since they do have a partnership with them, it appears. This is something to watch for when determining if and how much to invest.


Having applied nearly 30 metrics to evaluate this token offering, we give Valid a buy rating 84 of 100.

Anything over a score of 90 is a strong buy rating, and Valid currently falls under Buy. User sentiment (Social Media Chatter} and exchanges which it comes out on will be two things to look out for in increasing the buy rating.

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Token Valid

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