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It appears the WELL Inc company has been running a business off existing third party software systems and has internally established business processes. Growing the team to about 24 employees with 40% actually providing the end service to clients in California USA.

The business seems established in its local area but seems to have minimum exposure for a national product, considering they are approaching this globally.

From their business model, to really scale to a global market, they require a sturdy well-tested software application, which even with a large tech team, this type of project, it can take 12 to 24 Months to develop from MVP, Alpha, and Beta stages. Meaning two years before proper usage in large scale can occur. Currently, it appears they have one lead developer and one contractor to lead this task. Post ICO, they should be expected to increase the size of this particular team.

Due to the type of token, it will be only useful and perhaps valuable once the platform gains a significant amount of practitioners and is able to capture more local regions, to strengthen its footing.

The communication with investors is likely to be handled well, as they have a pre-existing PR staff. But the current social media platforms will need to be improved to really leverage the value of this platform.

The team of Advisors is perhaps the strongest part of this ICO. The advisory team is well established in themselves with strong lengthy backgrounds. This is likely to create a successful following and will find a market of investors. Expect the price to be higher once released to exchanges and being an ETH Token, will be likely to be listed on EtherDelta and 0x based exchanges.

In conclusion, they have an existing business and work practices in place and so far adhered to their public roadmap. From this based on comparables, we give this ICO/business offering a 65% out of 100% rating and would expect a fair dollar value investment return.

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