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World Wi-Fi Review ICO

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Their marketing team seem to be inexperienced, tie that into low amount of followers across their social media platforms. Seems to be an area they need to improve upon.
The partnership with the other Networking companies - like Adrenta, appears to be one of the strongest parts of this ICO . The ability to use tokens on already established eastern European markets is an interesting aspect that needs to be further investigated. So currently the only negative here, is the lack of information, around the working relationship or agreement between these companies.

The advisory team is well established in themselves with strong lengthy backgrounds, focusing on technology and ICO experience.

If the company can get enough volume from advertising and increase the size of the network as they expect, the value may increase in the token itself over the long term, as the token facilitates a buyer (Advertiser) and seller market (Router Owner).

The founders/advisors/project contributors will control at least a quarter of the token supply. In addition will be able to sell 5% of the total supply once the project is launched.

In conclusion, their potential partnerships and confirmation that they have the same team with Adrenta, appears that they have the business and working practices in place to take this forward as a project.

From this based on comparables, we give this ICO/business offering a 45% out of 100% rating.

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World WiFi Review

World Wi-Fi Review