XBT Freelancer Review

If you are looking for a place where you can get paid (or pay) in cryptocurrency for jobs, then XBT Freelancer might interest you. We made a quick XBT Freelancer review, in terms of its ownership, fees, projects, and security. We also went through the popularity of the XBT Freelancer, as well as the ranking system.

The main aim of the article is to provide you with pros and cons of the XBT Freelancer. These would then be compared to other similar platforms, like Coinality and Cryptogrind.


Not much is known about the owners of the XBT Freelancer. The only data available as for the year of establishment is the very first activity in Facebook, 2015. Apart from that, nothing is really known about the developers.

Even the contact page is lacking any information, as seen below. You only have a wallet address set for donations, email and ticket system, but no physical PO Box location.

XBT freelancer review ownership

We view this as slightly problematic since, in case of balance default, you really do not have legal protection set. Without a face behind the platform, you can only rely on trust.

Number of Users

XBT Freelancer is the most popular of the crypto freelance platforms, when compared to other choices, like Coinality and Cryptogrind. You have about 58 thousand freelancers registered at the website, though we would say that active members are a lot smaller in number.

About 100 projects are active at the time, with several being from the same employers. Thus, the BXT Freelancer pales in comparison with fiat freelance sites, such as Freelancer.com, Upwork, and eLance, which have thousands of projects active and kicking.

We have to stress that bitcoin freelance is still in its starting stages, thus the numbers here do not really come as a surprise.

Freelance Work – Crypto Oriented?

With bitcoin being the only accepted payment method, it is interesting to see how many of projects are crypto-related. To start off, we did mention that there are about 100 active projects going on. Most of the work relates to software development, writing, and promotion. The first two, IT and article writing seems to be cryptocurrency related mostly, as shown below.

XBT freelancer review crypto oriented work

When word “crypto” is typed in the search box, out of 380 projects, 190 have the keyword as part of the project’s name. Marketing jobs are related to many different spheres, but those are only smaller part of the market. Development and writing take about 70% (our approximate measure) of the job industry at XBT Freelancer.

Freelancers and employers come from different regional backgrounds, all over the world. Due to the singular currency orientation, as long as you have a wallet, XBT Freelancer is available to you. Crypto work is usually oriented towards English-speaking participants, as other languages are scarce. Most of the employers that are active in the platform are originating from Europe, with very few located in Canada, US or other regions.


When it comes to design, XBT Freelancer locates itself in the middle between Cryptogrind and Coinality. It has a simple interface where you get to see projects details and profiles of employers & freelancers. Cryptogrind overpowers the XBT Freelancer in this department, as it offers more premium-feel to its website.

The XBT Freelancer is rather simple-looking, with only vital information present and very little creative freedom given to participants. You can check out the project’s presentation in the picture below.

XBT freelancer review design

What Are the Fees

XBT Freelancer copies its fiat counterpart in terms of fee structure up to an extent. Whereas employers pay small fees at Freelancer.com, XBT Freelancer takes it a step further and offers cost-free milestone releases. Freelancers, on the other hand, are what drives the platform forward and provide main revenue, as they pay 10% of the project’s worth.

There are also bitcoin withdrawal fees, which change on daily basis, depending on the blockchain’s industry level of traffic. These fees are charged flat, at the rate of 0.0005 BTC per withdrawal, regardless of the volume.


When it comes to security features and tools, XBT Freelancer offers very little for its clients. Although the FAQ offers multiple warnings, there are no real protection tools available for you to use. Milestones are considered to be an escrow service, with the rating system being the only warning sign you get from the particular employer/freelancer.

Other platforms are not that far off, seeing as they do not offer 2FA or email notifications as well. What sets them apart is the fact that there is a separate escrow service product readily available for participants of the market to use. They all offer ranking system, where grades are given to employers and freelancers upon completion of the project. Thus, you would know the history of the said partner by just looking at their profile and history.

Reputation System

XBT Freelancer employs a percentage of the reputation earned through past projects. Each of the jobs done would land a grading up by the employer. The said system also works for employers, who are graded on by the freelancer, as shown below.

XBT freelancer review reputation system

The five main categories are:

- Quality of Work

- Communication

- Expertize

- Would Hire Again



- Professionalism

These categories were taken from the Freelancer.com and represent a different sphere of skills by the employer/freelancer. The most important job of the grating system is to provide an accurate description of the participant to others. We can say that the system is effective in distinguishing real professionals from amateurs.

Still, even if the grades are high, you should not plunge in blindly, as different jobs require different skills. Research and thorough communication are still needed in order to uncover the true knowledge of the said partner.

Pros and Cons

Taking everything into account, the following pros and cons represent strengths and weaknesses of the XBT Freelancer compared to other similar platforms:


- no verification needed to participate in the market;

- no fees for employers;

- the largest platform in terms of projects and number of users;

- service is available globally.


- the design is very simple, with no creative freedom given to users;

- 10% fee for freelancers;

- no security features available for clients;

- no escrow service.


This XBT Freelancer review uncovered that, much like its fiat counterpart, is oriented towards employers. If you are a job-provider, you can post projects for free, use milestones to secure your payments and job done. Freelancers are numerous and job pool is large.

If you seek work, XBT Freelancer might be interesting for you only if you are a programmer or a writer. Most of the other spheres are nonexistent and fees are quite high.