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You need to store and own your Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We explain how you can earn passive income on your holdings.

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Binance is probably the best crypto exchange and trading site.

They have low fees, many trading features and a high trading volume.

Since they have a high trading volume they can offer low slippage and tight spreads.

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Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card on Coinbase

See our popular step-by-step guide on how to buy Bitcoin with credit card on Coinbase

This is the fastest way to buy Bitcoin.

  1. Sign up and verify your email and phone number.
  2. Add your credit card credentials
  3. Press the Buy Button

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

PayPal is one of the largest payment providers online. Many people are looking for how to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. Actually, there are several options and we have listed them in our article.

Remember, many of these are peer-to-peer and they differ from centralized exchanges.

When you buy Bitcoin via PayPal on these exchanges the exchange rates are usually higher than on Coinbase and similar exchanges.

Buy Bitcoin PayPal
Bitcoin passive income

How to Earn Bitcoin Passive Income?

You might wonder how to earn passive income on your Bitcoin and crypto holdings.

This is much better than just HODL them on an account with no interest.

Luckily, there are several ways on how to earn Bitcoin passive income.

We have described interest accounts, cloud mining, margin funding and staking.

Questions About Crypto

What is a Bitcoin Exchange?

A Bitcoin exchange is an online platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoin. Compare different Bitcoin exchanges in our Bitcoin exchange reviews page

What is a Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

Bitcoin cloud mining gives you the opportunity to get the benefits from mining without taking care of the hardware. You buy or rent hardware from a cloud mining operator and you get the rewards from the mining. Compare different cloud mining companies in our cloud mining page.

What is Bitcoin lending?

Bitcoin lending is an alternative to earn Bitcoin passive income. We also list additional alternatives for Bitcoin passive income, such as, interest accounts. Read more about Bitcoin lending and Bitcoin passive income where we list the best bitcoin lending sites and interest investment sites.