Best Crypto Credit and Debit Cards 2022

Find the best Crypto and Bitcoin Debit, Prepaid and Credit Cards in our list. Earn rewards and get up to 8% cashback while you are able to spend your cryptocurrency worldwide.

Best Crypto and Bitcoin Debit, Prepaid and Credit Cards list

Please find the best Crypto and Bitcoin Debit, Prepaid, and Credit Cards in our list.

The companies listed below have partnered with Visa or MasterCard to offer crypto cards. Since VISA and Mastercard are the two most commonly used payment providers globally, crypto cards make crypto payments universally accepted worldwide by retailers. However, the retailer still receives fiat currency.

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Go - Best Crypto Debit Card

We think has the best crypto cards since they have the best cashback and reward system. With you can get

1.Up to 5% cashback*

2. Free Spotify*

3. Free Netflix*

4. Free Amazon Prime*

5. 10% on Expedia*

6. 10% on AirBNB*

7. Airport loung access*

8. Crypto_com private club*

9. Earn interest on your staked CRO*

10. Exclusive Merchandise Welcome Pack*

11. Private Jet Partnership*

12. Free ATM Withdrawal per month*

13. Free Currency Exchange Transactions Per Month*

*You have to stake CRO to receive these rewards. There are different requirements for different rewards. CRO VISA Card offers the best crypto card on the market. This prepaid VISA card is very similar to a debit VISA card.

The CRO VISA card comes in different colors and different reward levels. Your rewards depend on how much CRO you stake in the app. 

Some CRO VISA card rewards include up to 8% cashback, free Spotify, free Netflix, free Amazon Prime, 10% off from AirBNB, free Airport lounge access, and much more.

The CRO VISA card staking requirements range from 0-350.000 EURO equivalents in CRO.

If you sign up with us and stake 350 EURO in CRO for the Ruby metal VISA card, you will get a $25 sign-up bonus.

Binance VISA card and Cashback

The Binance Card, powered by Swipe, works like a traditional VISA debit card, but instead of fiat, you’ll be holding digital assets, such as BTC, BNB, and BUSD.

Your card is linked to a Card Wallet within your Binance account, and you can replenish this wallet with funds stored in your Spot Wallet.

You can get up to 8% cashback on your Binance VISA card, and the requirements are to hold BNB in your Binance account. The amount of BNB to have ranged from 0-600 BNB, and the cashback ranges from 0.1-8%.

If you sign up with Binance via our referral link, you will get -20% on all fees ever charged by Binance.

NEXO card cashback Rewards

While Binance,, and BlockFi have partnered with VISA, NEXO has partnered with MasterCard to launch its crypto credit card.

The Mastercard is still in the early access phase of development, and you need to download the NEXO app and order the card form there.

You can get up to 2% cashback, borrow rates from 0% APR, and save on FX fees for up to €20,000 per month.

Please read our full NEXO review.

Free NEXO card and cashback rewards
Coinbase debit VISA card

Coinbase Crypto Debit Card

The Coinbase crypto debit card is available in the EU/UK and US. It costs £4.95 / 4.95 € to order the card, but there are no other reoccurring fees to hold it.

Coinbase Cardholders can choose to earn 1% cashback in ETH, DOGE, DAI, or BTC. Also, users can earn 4% cashback in GRT, XLM, AMP, or RLY, according to the Coinbase blog. However, the rewards are only applicable to US users.

The Coinbase card is associated with fees for EU/UK users and US users.

Read our Coinbase USA exchange review covering security, staking rewards, and more information about the card.

Uphold Crypto Debit Card

The Uphold crypto debit card has not been launched yet but you can sign the waiting list.

Uphold will offer 1% cashback on fiat purchases and 2% cashback on crypto purchases.

What are Crypto Cards?

What is a crypto debit card?

Crypto debit cards can be loaded with cryptocurrency to make online and in-store purchases from merchants that don’t accept cryptocurrencies. For example, Binance VISA card is a debit card.

What is a crypto prepaid card?

A crypto prepaid debit card is funded with money before the purchase. You don’t have to worry about paying interest on your purchases with a debit card or prepaid card. CRO VISA card is a prepaid card.

What is a crypto credit card?

A crypto credit card works similarly to an ordinary credit card.  The difference with a crypto credit card is that you’ll be able to pay off your balance with crypto. BlockFi and NEXO have credit cards.

What crypto cards are available in EU?

  • CRO VISA card is available for EU citizens.
  • In addition, the Binance VISA card is available for EU citizens.
  • NEXO Mastercard debit card still has a waitlist
  • Coinbase crypto debit card is available for EU citizens.

What crypto cards are available in US?

  • CRO VISA card is available for US citizens.
  • The BlockFi Rewards Credit Card is for US residents in qualified states (NY is excluded)
  • NEXO Mastercard debit card still has a wait-list
  • Coinbase crypto debit card is available for US citizens.

What crypto cards are available in UK?

  • CRO VISA card is available for UK citizens.
  • NEXO Mastercard debit card still has a waitlist
  • Coinbase crypto debit card is available for UK citizens.

Do crypto cards have any risks?

A crypto credit or debit card has all the same risks as the corresponding fiat cards. However, there are two additional risks you should be aware of.

  • Your crypto funds stored on the card can lose their market value. Crypto markets are very volatile.
  • Any transactions you make with your card are likely to be taxable.

You can avoid both risks by purchasing stablecoins to use with your crypto card. Stablecoins have a pegged value and will therefore not be volatile, and there will be no taxable event when you use them. Read more about crypto risk management strategies.

What are the benefits of using a crypto card?

There are several benefits of using a crypto card

  • You can use your crypto for everyday purchases
  • Many crypto cards also come with benefits like cashback rewards of up to 8%
  • In addition, some providers, like, offer discounts on Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Airbnb, Expedia, and more.

Remember to compare exchange fees and ATM fees. Also, to get the best rewards with Binance and, you have to stake a significant amount of crypto.

What are Cashback rewards?

To attract new customers, all crypto debit cards, prepaid cards, and credit cards have different reward systems.

All of them have some kind of cashback reward.

It means you will receive a kickback for every transaction you make (some transactions are excluded for obvious reasons. One example is to fund an online gambling account)

The cash reward for crypto cards is between 1-8% and is often paid in the native token but sometimes in Bitcoin BTC.

Make sure to understand the full terms and conditions before you spend time to optin for a crypto card.

How to buy Bitcoin and crypto with a debit or credit card?

Yes, you can buy crypto with your crypto debit or credit card.

Read more about how to buy Bitcoin on Binance with your credit card.