free crypto sign up bonus 2023

On this page you find the best free crypto sign up bonus for 2023. 

We list all the best bitcoin bonuses including no deposit bonuses. 

The Best Bitcoin Sign Up Bonuses 2023

Nexo September 2023 campaign 75 USDC

Up to 75 USDC FREE – Only September 2023! Sign Up Today!

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*Sign up Bonus Codes. Terms and Conditions apply. Read more below.

**Trading Fee Rebate

Nexo – 75 USDC Deposit Bonus

Fund your account with at least $1,000 worth of any asset until Sep 30 in one or more top-ups with a bank transfer, card, or from an external wallet and win one of the rewards below.

Reward Requirement

  • 10 USDC – 30 days with no lock-up period*
  • 25 USDC – 1-month Fixed Term
  • 75 USDC – 3-month Fixed Term or longer

*At any time during the 30-day no lock-up period, your balance should not fall below $800 due to market volatility or withdrawals to remain eligible.

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Luno 25 EUR Bitcoin Deposit Bonus

Sign up using this unique code, deposit money into your Luno wallet, and buy EUR 250.00 in crypto. You will earn EUR 25.00 in Bitcoin, which we’ll automatically add to your wallet after 30 days.

Bybit crypto signup bonus terms and conditions

Step 1: Sign up as a new user with Bybit

Step 2: Fulfill the deposit and trading criteria to unlock bonuses within 14 days

Step 3: Claim the bonuses in the Rewards Hub!

Criteria ByBit Signup Bonus

  • Deposit $100, Trade $500=10 USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $500, Trade $800=20 USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $1K, Trade $2K=50 USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $3K, Trade $6K=100 USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $10K, Trade $40K=350 USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $20K, Trade $200K=800 USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $100K, Trade $8M=5K USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $125K, Trade $50M=8,8K USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $150K, Trade $75M=15K USDT Bonus
  • Deposit $250K, Trade $150M=30K USDT Bonus
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BTCC -40% Trading Fees

Signup with BTCC on Cryptocointrade and get a 50.000 USD Bonus and 40% of trading fees the first month.

Get a $50.000 trading discount on futures.

1. This promotion is only eligible for newly registered users

2. Deposits can be made in the following cryptocurrencies are valid for this promotion: USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, XRP and Fiat currencies. The accumulated deposit of the total amount would be calculated within (? Hour) period starts from the first deposit transactions.

3. Trading Bonus can only be used to offset 50% of futures trading fees, all bonuses will be clear when applying for withdrawal.

4. Once a bonus is applied to a trading account, it can only be used for no longer than 30 days.The bonus will be credited to the user’s account within 24 hours. If the bonus does not arrive after 24 hours, please get in touch with our online customer service team for assistance.

5. Only 1 Bonus per account.

6. Only 1 Bonus per Household: any multiple trading bonus applied to the same IP address and household will be removed.

7. Trading Bonus percentage will be 40%, intended as a discount on trading fees for futures trading.

8. Maximum Bonus amount, intended as discount on trading fees for futures trading, is 50,000 USDT or equivalent.

9. Example: if a client deposits 10,000 USDT, the bonus applied for this promotion would be 4,000 USDT, this amount will be added to your within 24 hours. Under this circumstance, if a client buys one BTCUSDT (quarterly), the total commission charge is 6 USDT, 3 USDT will be paid from bonus amount until the bonus amount all be used or expired.

10. BTCC reserves the right to final interpretation of the trading bonus. If any malicious behavior is detected, BTCC has the right to take disciplinary action against the account involved with the intent of recovering any losses.

BYDFi Sign-Up Bonus: 2888 USDT and Trading Discount 

BYDFi Trading Discount

‚ě§Get 10% trading fee discount with BYDFi when signing up with Cryptocoinzone.

BYDFi Sign-Up Bonus: 2888 USDT

Beginner tasks

  • Complete KYC to get Mystery Box!
  • Link 2FA and get 2 USDT Lite Coupon!
  • Set the code and get a 2 USDT Perpetual Coupon
  • Join BYDFi community and get 2 USDT Lite Coupon!
  • Receive 10% of deposit, up to 50 USDT Perpetual Coupon!
  • Receive 10% of deposit, up to 30 USDT Lite Coupon!
  • Start copy trade and get 5 USDT Perpetual Bonus!
  • Start LVTs trade and get 2 USDT Perpetual Bonus!
  • Submit valuable feedback, get 5-5000 bonus

Advanced Tasks

  • Accumulated deposit of 1,000 USDT, get 10 USDT Perpetual Bonus
  • Accumulative deposit of 3,000 USDT and trading volume ‚Č•10,000, get 30 USDT Perpetual Bonus
  • Accumulated deposit of 10,000 USDT and trading volume ‚Č•50,000, get 50 USDT Perpetual Bonus
  • Accumulated deposit of 20,000 USDT and trading volume ‚Č•200,000, get 200 USDT Perpetual Bonus
  • Accumulated deposit of 30,000 USDT and trading volume ‚Č•450,000, get 300 USDT Perpetual Bonus
  • Accumulated deposit of 50,000 USDT and trading volume ‚Č•3,000,000, get 700 USDT Perpetual Bonus
  • Accumulated deposit of 100,000 USDT and trading volume ‚Č•10,000,000, get 1,500 USDT Perpetual Bonus
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Bitget First Deposit Bonus Cashback 10%

Get 10% cashback on your first deposit up to 100 USDT. Deposit $100-1000 to get up to the 100 USDT bonus. The cashback is distributed every Friday. This is a special deal for Cryptocointrade.

Bitget Trading Fee Discount: -20%

Sign up with us to get -20% off all futures and spot trading fees on Bitget!

Bitget SignUp Bonus 6143 USDT

  • Spot coupon: 1 USDT
  • Spot coupon: 5 USDT
  • USDT-M Futures trading bonuses: 7 USDT
  • USDT-M Futures trading bonuses: 30 USDT
  • USDT-M Futures trading bonuses: 100 USDT
  • USDT-M Futures trading bonuses: 1000 USDT
  • USDT-M Futures trading bonuses: 5000 USDT

OKX SignUp Bonus Mystery Box Lottery: $10.000

It’s straightforward to claim a Mystery Box with OKX. OKX is one of the top crypto trading sites.

How to claim a $10.000 Mystery Bos with OKX?

  1. Sign up with OKX
  2. Download the app
  3. Log in using the app and deposit at least $50 through crypto purchase or top-up within 30 days of registration.

Claim the Mystery Box to receive up to $10,000 in reward

MEXC Global SignUp Bonus $1000

Bonus 1: Trading fee discount. Users who register with MEXC through the referral link on this page can enjoy a 10% trading fee discount when trading on MEXC.

Bonus 2: First trading reward. Participating users whose accumulated deposit amount during the campaign period is > 50USDT and the trading volume is > 200USDT can get 10USDT MX airdrop ;

Bonus 3: Cumulative deposit reward. Participating users with a 1000USDT net deposit can get a 50USDT Futures bonus reward during the campaign period.

Bonus 4: Futures trading reward. Participating users whose Futures trading volume exceeds 2000 USDT can get an additional 20USDT Futures bonus reward during the campaign period.

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KuCoin Signup Code: Up to 3.200 USDT and -20%

Start trading to get up to 3,200 USDT in rewards with Kucoin!

  1. Sign Up¬†‚Äď Complete receiving 0.1-100 USDT in rewards to withdraw.
  2. First Crypto Deposit/Purchase¬†‚Äď Complete to receive up to 0.1-700 USDT in rewards. 0.1-400 USDT for withdraw and the rest in 10 USDT Futures Deduction per Coupon
  3. First Trade¬†‚Äď Complete to receive up to 1,400 USDT in rewards. 0.1-800 USDT for withdrawing. The remaining bonus are 7D Time-Limited Coupons. Coupons include futures deduction coupons, VIP Lv2 trial coupons, trading bot rebate coupons, KuCoin Earn rate-up coupons, spot deduction coupons, etc. There is also a chance of getting 5 USDT in additional trial funds!
  4. Pro Trading Tasks¬†‚Äď Complete to receive 0.1-1.000 USDT in rewards to withdraw. Signup Promo Code

The app and desktop exchange are connected but still separated.

Therefor, you can collect 2 different signup bonuses

  • Get a $25 bonus when signing up with the app
  • Get up to a $50 bonus when signing up with the desktop exchange

How to get the app signup bonus? have one desktop application and one mobile application, and they also offer two different referral bonuses on each.

  • mobile app referral bonus: Get $25 when you stake CRO for a Rube metal VISA card (350 EURO stake required). You will get your stake back once you opt-out from the VISA card staking.

Additional benefits with the Ruby Metal VISA card: You will get a 2% payback on all purchases and 100% free Spotify. Also, four visits to Airport lounges with Priority Pass are included. App Referral code: cryptocointrade

How to get the exchange signup bonus? desktop exchange referral code bonus rewards, requirements, and instructions.

  • Bonus: Signup bonus paid in CRO equal to $10 or $50
  • Stake: CRO staking requirements to be eligible for the signup bonus
  • Verification: KYC requirements for the signup bonus
  • Stake 1000-4999CR: $10 Bonus
  • Stake ‚Č•5000 CRO: $50 Bonus Exchange Referral code: cryptocointrade
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Claim Gate IO Mystery Boxes

  • 1 Mystery Box: Complete account registration

Sign up and complete KYC identity verification to enter the lucky draw, 100% win rate.

  • 1 Mystery Box: Deposit
1. Deposit is the first step to trading at
2. First deposit of $100 or above can enter the lucky draw.
3. Deposit methods: Onchain Deposit, P2P Trading.
4. Choose P2P Trading to deposit and get additional 20 Points.
  • 2 Mystery Box: Trade

1. Cumulative spot trading of $100 or above since the first deposit will be rewarded with 2 tickets for lucky draw.
2. There may be a 10-minute delay in statistics. Please try again later if they are not updated in time.


Gate IO Trading Discount Code: -20%

With our referral link, you will get

  • -20% off all spot trading fees charged by
  • -20% off all futures trading fees

Phemex Signup Promo Code

$5 Copy Trading Voucher – Follow any trader for the first time and get a $5 contract cashback voucher.

$5 Social Media Voucher –¬†Follow¬†Phemex’s Twitter¬†account and RT our pinned tweet to get a $5 Spot Voucher.
$10 Basic Deposit Voucher –¬†Make a single deposit of >=$50 to get a $10 spot cashback voucher.
$4.4 – Learn & Earn Reward –¬†
Complete quizzes on basic crypto concepts and receive rewards. 22 Courses 
$10 Spot Trading Voucher –¬†
Make a single spot trade of >=$100 to get a $10 Spot Cashback Voucher.
$20 Contract Trading Voucher –¬†
Make a single contract trade of >=$500 to get a $20 Contract Cashback Voucher.
Pre-Mining Rewards
Get whitelisted to mint your Phemex Soul Pass, then begin pre-mining to share 100 million xPT. From the 1 billion total Phemex Token supply, 10% or 100 million tokens will be allocated for pre-mining as xPT. xPT will be converted to on-chain PT on a 1:1 basis in 2023 Q3.
Morpher trading token logo

Morpher Signup and Deposit Bonus

  • Sign up and verify your account to get up to $1800 free deposited to your account.
  • Deposit up $5.000 via PayPal and get up to $500 in deposit bonus.

Crypto SignUp Bonus – FAQ

We aim only to publish genuine offers from serious actors.

If you think we have listed a potential scam, please get in touch with us immediately at

We do our research for every company we list, and we have been investing in crypto scams throughout the years. We think we have developed an excellent eye for realizing and recognizing a fraud or a potential scam. Always remember one crucial thing:

If you are the least suspicious, leave it. You don’t have to invest in any company.¬†

What is a Crypto Sign Up Bonus?

Many companies use different kinds of offers or bonuses to attract new users. Crypto-related businesses are no different and many have a welcome offer or sign-up bonus to attract new users. We aim to list the best current crypto bonuses.

What is Terms and Conditions?

All bonuses and welcome offers do involve some terms and conditions. It simply means that the company wants something in return for giving away a welcome bonus. 

That can be many different tasks but usually involves a KYC process to ensure there is no spam traffic. Other tasks that can be requested are social media tasks or starting using the underlying platform and accomplishing different tasks. Remember to read the terms and conditions before you accept a crypto bonus.

Are there any risks involved with Free crypto Bonuses?

There are always scam companies that will ask for an initial investment. Always do your own research to make sure you minimize your risk to deposit into a scam. 

Try to avoid making the first deposit into new companies with hidden founders and unprofessional websites. Also, new companies that promise unrealistic financial returns are most likely a scam. 

Do NEVER invest in a company that guarantees any kind of return over time. Many scams guarantee a daily profit of something like 1% and that is, of course, a 100% scam.

What is a No deposit Crypto Bonus?

A no deposit crypto bonus is a welcome offer where the company doesn’t ask for a deposit in return to release the crypto bonus.¬†

These kinds of crypto bonuses can seem less risky since they don’t involve deposits directly. However, be careful if it’s only an approach to get more details from you before they start to ask for more information.

Why dont you list bitcoin casino bonuses?

Casino companies have one thing in common, and they try to make money from the people. We have one vision, try to maximize every personal wallet or investment. We only list bonuses and offers we believe you can benefit from. Casino companies are per definition, the opposite.

What is an airdrop?

An airdrop is a free distribution of a new token. The reason why an airdrop is beneficial is when a company believe they have created a useful product that the crowd can benefit from. In contrast to an ICO, you will get a community who can use your platform. An ICO only involve investors who are looking for profitable return but probably not to use the product, at least not as primary reason.

How to earn interest on your crypto sign up bonus?

If you do not already earn interest on your crypto signup bonus, you should start today. See our full list on where you can earn crypto passive income and receive the best interest rates.