How to buy Bitcoin on Binance with credit card?

buy Bitcoin with credit card on Binance feature


here we will describe, step-by-step, how you register and buy Bitcoin on Binance with your credit card.

A credit card has many benefits but the one everyone is looking for is to get the Bitcoins instantly.

Of course, there are also disadvantages and the main drawback with buying Bitcoin with a credit card are the high fees.

These are the steps we will go through

  1. Register with Binance
  2.  Perform Identify verification
  3.  Buy Bitcoin or any crypto with a credit card. 

How to Register with Binance?

Register an account with Binance is the easy part.

Just browse over to Binance and create an account with email and name.


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Register an account with binance screenshot

After this, verify your email.


How to do ID verification on Binance?

Now, when you have registered, you are ready to do ID verification on Binance.

This step is necessary to be able to buy Bitcoin with credit card on Binance.

This is an easy procedure to follow.

In the screenshot below you can see what menu you need to click to get to the ID verification wizard.

Binance identification verification menu screenshot

One you have clicked the Identification button you come into the verification section.

Here, you want to click the yellow button saying “Verify”

After this, you will get information on what documents and other information is necessary for the verification procedure.

It will look something like the screenshot below and you will need to accomplish the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Residential address
  • Photo of your ID
  • Upload a picture of yourself and your ID
  • Take a selfie with you device and moving your head
Binance verification requirements screenshot

This verification procedure takes about 2 minutes if you have prepared yourself with a picture of your ID and a selfie of yourself.

However, the verification is not automatic reviewed and approved directly. You will receive the status “Pending”.

for us, it took about 5 minutes to get the verification process approved and we were notified by email.

How to Buy Bitcoin on Binance with Credit Card?

Now, you have registered and got verified.

So, lets login in and buy Bitcoin with your credit card.

First, when logged in, clock on “Buy crypto” in the upper left corner.

After this, click Credit/Debit Card.

Now you will see a screen similar to the screenshot below.

  1. Input the amount you want to spend (In the screenshot below we have entered 50 EUR). You will see how many Bitcoins you will receive.
  2. Confirm payment details by clicking “Buy BTC”. After this, you will need to put in the credit card details and confirm once again.
  3. Complete 3DS Safety Certification
  4. Complete payment
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Buy Ripple XRP or other Cryptocurrencies with credit card

In the example above, we used Bitcoin as an example. However, you can use the same guide if you like to buy Ripple XRP or any other cryptocurrency with a credit card on Binance.

Also, we did summarize some different exchanges where you can buy Ripple with a credit card in 2020.

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