List: Best Cardano ADA Exchanges 2018 – Compare

Best Cardano Exchange 2018

In this review, we go over the platforms where you can trade with the cryptocurrency called Cardano (ADA) and will help you to select the best Cardano exchange 2018. The article will show you what to look for when to decide where to invest using ADA coins. We review the platforms in terms of their verification requirements, service availability, security features and trade properties.

Pros and cons of each exchange will be developed with all factors taken into account. The advantages and disadvantages of the platforms can then be compared with other web Cardano platforms. The platforms in this review are Bittrex, Binance, Coinnest, and

General Information about Cardano

Cardano coin, abbreviated as ADA, was released in 2017 by an IOHK Company. This blockchain product is very similar to Ethereum as it is a smart contract platform. The coin is dubbing itself as one of the most enhanced Proof of Stake and network communication environments.

The users of ADA do need to install Daedalus wallet in order to use the coin. The said storage capacity a desktop hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet that offers online and offline coin storage services, as shown below.

Best Cardano Exchange 2018 General information

The wallet can be connected to the chosen platform(s) by providing address codes. The coin uses Haskell, a high degree of fault tolerance software, which is poised to help the coin grow its network in the following years.

The current market volume in Jan 2018 stands at 31 billion coins, worth of $24 billion dollars. The average market value of the coin stands at $0.93 when all exchanges (four of them) are taken into account. You can check out the value fluctuations of the coin in the screenshot below from Coinmarketcap.

Best Cardano Exchange 2018 value chart coinmarketcap

What Sort of Indicators to Look For

Below is the list of indicators you should look for when you are about to select the best Cardano Exchange 2018 for you. The indicators are registration and verification, service availability, deposits and withdrawals, other expenses, trade functions, support and security.

Registration and Verification

Most of the large platforms would require you to verify your identity with scanned ID and proof of address. It is up to you whether you care about privacy. You should be aware that most of the companies do follow KYC and AML policies. If you wish for a more private way to trade ADA or any other coin, you would have a limited scope of choice.

Service Availability

Some exchanges offer their services globally, while others are more specialized for certain countries or regions.

Deposits/Withdrawal methods and cost

The bigger amount of transfer methods can help you fund your balances using your preferred payment option. Limited choice in this aspect of crypto trade might leave you without a possibility to purchase and sell coins if you do not have access to the required deposit/withdrawal option.

The level of expenses when transferring in and out funds also set exchanges apart.

Are there Any other Expenses?

In addition to deposit/withdrawal costs, you might also be obliged to pay taker/maker fees or any other trade-related expenses.

Trade Functions/Margin Trading

Does exchange offer margin trading apart from instant swaps? If there are tools for beginners and experts, it usually means that company has good liquidity that supports the trade.

Support and Security

Lastly, you should account for the platform’s security options and their support department. Both are crucial when it comes to the safety of your investment assets. Lack of those might lead towards loss of the coins and fiat money to hacking incidents.


Bittrex is a crypto-to-crypto exchange, based in the US. Apart from ADA, you can use over 190 other crypto coin while fiat currencies are not supported. You do not need to provide any scanned documents, meaning this platform is privacy oriented. Some regions, mainly Asia and Africa, might need to complete the enhanced verification level to use Bittrex services.

Services are available globally, while trade orders are conducted through margin trading only, as shown below.

Best Cardano Exchange 2018 Bittrex

Security is adequate, as you can use withdrawal and IP whitelists, 2FA and email notification systems to safeguard your balances. The fees stand at 0.25% for all trades while network fee applies on withdrawals only (usually very small).




Binance is similar to Bittrex exchange in many aspects. It operates as a crypto-to-crypto platform, offering its services globally. You do not need to verify your personal information at any stage, no matter where you are from. Fiat currencies are not available for either trade or deposit/withdrawal while mining costs apply for withdrawals only.

The margin trading is available, offering functions like the market, limit, and stop-limit, as shown in the picture below.

Best Cardano Exchange 2018 Binance


Coinnest is a South Korean crypto exchange platform that accepts numerous cryptocurrencies, ADA included. The only available fiat currency is KRW, meaning that USD and EUR traders would face exchange rate expenses. The fiat transfers require full identity verification, consisting of scanned ID and a selfie of you holding the document.

You can use wire transfers as an only deposit method, while all deposits are free. Fiat withdrawals would cost you 1.000 KRW (approximately 1$) while cryptos have 0.1% fee. Margin trading is not available, leaving you with simple exchange services, as shown below.

Best Cardano Exchange 2018 Coinnest


Cons also offers ADA coins with the use of the crypto-to-crypto exchange. The fiat currencies are not available while service can be used from anywhere in the world. You do not need to verify your identity to trade at the platform, though margin trading is not available. You can check out the order page below.

Best Cardano Exchange 2018

Security tools include 2FA, IP log binding function, which is in line with Binance and Coinnest. The only fee that you pay is the trade cost of 0.2% of the order value.



Concluding Remarks

In this article we discussed different criteria to qualify as the best Cardano exchange 2018. We would recommend Bittrex and Binance for expert traders, while and Coinnest are geared towards starters. All of the exchanges have limited fiat currency deposit/withdrawal options but fees are mostly low as well.

For privacy, you can use Binance and as they do not require traders to verify their identities. All of the exchanges are globally available, allowing investors from around the world to work with ADA.

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