Best US Exchanges For Ripple XRP Trading

Best US Exchange for Ripple XRP Trading

It can be hard to find places to buy XRP for US citizens. We have searched and found the best US crypto exchanges for Ripple XRP trading.

Since the SEC lawsuit, the XRP has been delisted from all the major US exchanges, like Kraken and Coinbase. 

Some crypto exchanges kept the XRP for trading but excluded customers from the USA.

However, there are a few exchanges allowing US traders to buy Ripple XRP still.

Best Ripple XRP Exchanges for US customers

Here, we list the best Ripple XRP crypto exchanges for US customers. UpHold and Kucoin are still listing XRP for exchanges and trades. In addition, they both let US customers trade this crypto asset.




Uphold Ripple XRP Trading for US Customers

Uphold is a crypto exchange launched in 2015 and now serving 184+ countries and 80+ currencies (fiat and crypto). In addition, Uphold lists commodities, precious metals, and stocks. 

Uphold is a multi-asset digital money platform offering financial services to a global market. Uphold’s unique ‘Anything-to-Anything’ trading experience enables customers to trade directly between asset classes without having to pay unnecessary fees to always go via Bitcoin or any other liquid market.

Uphold Crypto Exchange Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons with Uphold crypto exchange


  • Cross asset trading
  • Uphold crypto debit card 
  • Earn staking yields
  • Beginner friendly interface
  • Stocks, precious metals, such as gold and silver


  • Fees are charge as a spread and are often high

Kucoin Ripple XRP Trading for US Customers

Kucoin is famous to be one of the best altcoin crypto exchanges since it offers very low fees and many crypto gems listing.

In addition, Kucoin has the Kucoin Earn feature where you can earn passive income on your idle cryptocurrencies.


Kucoin Crypto Exchange Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons with Kucoin crypto exchange


  • Many altcoins, including the XRP listed
  • Very low exchange fees
  • Many features available like margin trading, futures trading, Kucoin Earn, and more
  • Regular trading competitions and other events hosted
  • Great sign-up bonus with up to 500 USDT for free


  • Not a regulated crypto exchange
  • Limited trading volume in some futures markets

What is Ripple Labs and XRP?

Ripple Labs (also referred to as Ripple) is a registered American company behind a payment settlement network that can process transactions globally. XRP is the native currency of the payment settlement network.

What is the purpose of Ripple?

The current international transactions occur between technology systems that are not connected to each other. Ripple has developed an interledger protocol, which enables the routing of payments through interconnected ledgers to connect these systems.

The overall system technology is designed to increase transaction processing speed, increase transparency, increase security and decrease the price for cross-border transactions.

What is the purpose XRP?

Ripple labs also created the XRP token to ensure quick liquidity in the payment settlement network. xRapid, another Ripple product, uses XRP as a “bridge asset” or an asset that businesses and financial institutions can use as a bridge transfer between two different fiat currencies.

What is SWIFT?

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), legally S.W.I.F.T. SC, is a Belgian cooperative society.

The entity provides services related to the execution of international financial transactions and payments between banks worldwide.

SWIFT is a messaging network containing payment instructions between financial institutions involved in a transaction. It doesn’t perform clearing or settlement.

In addition, the society does not hold any funds from 3rd parties and doesn’t manage accounts on behalf of individuals or financial institutions.

What is Ripple XRP and SEC lawsuit?

In December 2020, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs.

SEC claims that Ripple and its current and former chief executives had been conducting a $1.3 billion, unregistered securities offering by selling XRP, which Ripple’s founders created in 2012.