Buy Bitcoin from Nigeria with Naira (NGN)

How to buy Bitcoin in Nigera with Naira NGN - Nigera and a bitcoin symbol

Buy Bitcoin from Nigeria with Naira(NGN)

  • Changelly and changeNOW are two non-custodial crypto exchanges accepting users from Nigeria and the local currency Naira(NGN)as payment currency.
  • Both have a bit higher exchange rates than the large exchanges but are still better than the local Nigerian exchanges like NairaEx.
  • P2P exchanges like Bybit, Bitvalve, and Localcoinswap have several options to buy Bitcoin with Naira(NGN) from Nigeria. 

Bitcoin Exchanges Accepting Naira NGN

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Non-custodial Exchanges Accepting Naira NGN

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P2P Exchanges Accepting Naira NGN

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Buy Bitcoin with Naira(NGN) from Nigeria

  • Not many exchanges accept Naira(NGN) as a deposit method.
  • changeNOW and Changelly are non-custodial crypto exchanges where you will get the best exchange rate 
  • Bybit P2P, Bitvalve, and LocalCoinSwap are all peer-to-peer markets. On P2P markets, the crypto almost always trades at a premium(higher than the exchange price on most exchanges and on Coingecko). 

The advantage of P2P crypto platforms is that you can find almost any deposit method available. If you don’t find a deposit method, you can put an ad with your desired payment method and the amount of BTC you want to buy.

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Buy Bitcoin with Naira in Luno

  • Cryptocurrencies: In Nigeria, you can purchase a variety of cryptocurrencies using NGN, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, USDC, XRP, Litecoin, Chainlink, Uniswap, Cardano, Solana, and Avalanche.
  • Deposit Naira: To deposit funds into your NGN wallet, you must verify your Luno account to Level 2 or higher. After purchasing a voucher, you can redeem it on Luno and the funds will be added to your wallet. With the Instant Buy feature on our app and Exchange, you can then purchase any of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies. 
  • Nigeria Regulation: Luno operates under the regulations of the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) and has a reliable KYC and AML compliance framework. We work closely with Nigerian regulators to establish effective and appropriate regulations for the crypto industry in the country. 
  • Please note that each verification level has its own set of limitations on how many Bitcoins you can buy.

Read the Luno review.

Buy Bitcoin with changeNOW

  • changeNOW is a non-custodial crypto exchange
  • changeNOW charges higher fees than the most significant global exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken. However, none accept minor fiat currencies like the Naira(NGN) as a deposit alternative.
  • It’s possible to use changeNOW without any KYC or ID verification requirements. Still, an automated risk prevention system supports ChangeNOW’s AML/KYC procedure. If a transaction is marked suspicious by this system, the exchange is put on hold, and the customer is asked to confirm their identity.
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  • Changelly is a non-custodial crypto exchange
  • Changelly charges higher fees than significant global exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken. However, none accept minor fiat currencies like the Naira(NGN) as a deposit alternative.
  • Changelly charges higher fees than the most significant global exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken. However, none accept minor fiat currencies like the Naira(NGN) as a deposit alternative.

Changelly KYC Procedure

  1. Enter your name and email
  2. Submit ID verification document (Passport, Driving license, National ID etc)
  3. Take a Selfie
  4. Liveness Check – a short video that is a biometric check that proves that you are a natural person and not a robot.

Bybit is one of the largest crypto derivative trading platforms.

Many large and global crypto trading sites have launched peer-to-peer markets like Binance, Bybit, and Bitget.

  • The premium is about 25-30%
  • Payment options: PalmPay, Paycom or Opay, Bank Transfer, Kuda Bank, UBA Bank
  • There is limited Bitcoin available for sale when we check
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Bitvalve is a cryptocurrency P2P exchange.

  • Exchange up to $1000 without any KYC requirements
  • Many cryptocurrencies are supported like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Ripple, Dogecoin, Shiba-Uni etc.
  • Many different deposit methods
  • The premium starts at 25%
  •  Only bank transfers are accepted by sellers when we check.
  • There are several Bitcoins available to buy from different sellers.
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Search for someone selling Bitcoin for Naira(NGN)

Once you have created an account, the next step is to search for an advertisement selling Bitcoin. There are two ways to search for ads selling Bitcoin on LocalCoinSwap:

  1. Click “Buy Crypto” in the top menu.
  2. I want to Buy
  3. Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
  4. Payment method: Any
  5. Location: Nigeria

Now, you will see all the available options to buy Bitcoin using Naira in LocalCoinSwap.

  • The premium is about 25%
  • Bank transfer, Revolut, Payeer, TransferWise, and Gift cards are available as payment methods when we check.
  • There are many sellers and many different payment solutions available when we check for Naira(NGN).