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Buy Ripple Credit Card

Deposit to Bitstamp, CEX.ioEXMO with Credit Card and buy XRP

Buy Ripple Credit Card

There is almost no exchange that accepts a credit card that also has a Ripple, XRP market. Ripple is the fourth largest cryptocurrency right now. Ripple is different from the other cryptocurrencies. Ripple is for the moment centralized and the owners control about 70% of all pre-mined coins.

Ripple focus on making the bank sector more frictionless and more secure. Many believe Ripple will experience a big rush soon since they about go to the Indian and Chinese market. Also, they are way ahead of the other cryptocurrencies regarding the regulatory demands.

Bitstamp XRP Ripple

Buy Ripple credit card Bitstamp

With Bitstamp it is possible to make instant buyings of XRP direct from your credit card. Bitstamp was among the first cryptocurrency exchange to support Ripple. In addition, Bitstamp has low XRP price and deep liquidity.


Buy Ripple Credit card EXMO

EXMO is one od all exchanges that offer credit card deposits. On top of that EXMO also has an XRP/USD market which is not very common. EXMO charge a bit higher deposit fee than CEX for credit card deposits. XRP Ripple Review logo 120 introduced trading with Ripple during December 2017. offers very low deposit fees with a credit card. has a limited liquidity in the XRP markets.

Ripple Exchanges

There are several good Ripple exchanges that don’t accept credit card for the moment. Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Kraken, Bittrex, and Poloniex does all have a decent liquidity in the XRP markets. With Bistamp and Kraken you can make bank wire deposits. Bitfinex, Bittrex, and Poloniex only accept cryptocurrency deposits for now.

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