App Review with Referral Code $50 Free App Review Feature

In this App review we will go through all features in the App.

The App includes all these features:

  • Wallet
  • Card (If you stake 1.000 CRO you will get $50 for FREE)
  • Earn
  • Track
  • Fiat Wallet
  • Credit
  • Rewards
  • Pay
Basically, we use wallet, card, earn, fiat wallet and rewards and that is why we will put our focus on these features. We will mention the credit and pay feature but since we haven’t used them we simply cant review them.
In addition, we will give a quick summary on the online desktop exchange in the end where you can claim an additional $50 for FREE in CRO.
Below you can see a screenshot from all the features listed in the mobile app. We will now review them, one by one, the make a complete app review.

How to get $50 FREE with the App?

  1. Click on our referral link for
  2. Complete signup and pass KYC
  3. Stake at least 1000 CRO (200 USD) for CRO Visa Card
  4. Referral code: mcmk7qgbhh App review - Wallet

Lets start to review the wallet feature in the app. This is simply called wallet in the app but refers to the crypto wallet.

What is the wallet and what can you do in the wallet.

In the app wallet you can find the usual features of a crypto wallet, namely buy, sell, pay and transfer. You can see all these as circular buttons in the screenshot from the crypto wallet below.

In addition, you can see the crypto balances, including our 100.000 CRO stake into the CRO VISA card. App review - CRO card

The CRO card is probably the most unique feature in this app review.

The CRO Card comes with a lot of benefits and how many of them you release depends on how much CRO you stake.

In the screenshot below you can see the CRO Visa Card. In this view its still called MCO Visa Card. However, MCO was replaced by CRO in Sept 2020 and MCO will not exist anymore. In the screenshot you can see I have my money in EUR and I have received cashback on my Netflix and Spotify account.

The negative part is that I receive my normal salary in SEK and I spend in SEK but the CRO Visa card currency is dominated in EUR. This end up in too many exchanges for me to use it as a normal VISA card since its about 1.6% I need to pay per exchange and this will end up in a total of around 3%.

What are all the other benefits with the CRO card?

We have a CRO VISA card review with referral code where you can read more about this. App review - Earn

Because of Earn feature we found the App.

Earn let you earn passive income on your crypto holdings. offer you everything between 4% up to 18% (if you stake 10.000 CRO or more)

Also, as you can see in the bottom of the screenshot below, you will earn an additional 2% if you stake more than 100.000 CRO.

If you stake more than 100.000 CRO you are also eligible for the CRO Visa Card with 2nd most benefits.

You can lock your crypto for three different periods

  • Flexible
  • 1-Month
  • 3-Month

Obviously, you will earn more if you lock you crypto a longer period.

In the screenshot below you can see our earning interests and our different terms.

You can see

  • If I use flexible, 1-month or 3-month term
  • How many days of the term remains
  • How much I have in that specific contract. Both in Euro and the native currency
  • What interest rate I did sing up on
  • What cryptocurrency I have locked App review - Track

The app feature, Track, is quite easy to review since it is a simple function.

As you can see in the mobile screenshot below you can choose what cryptocurrencies to keep track on and get notifications from.

As you can see in the screenshot below we have selected to track Bitcoin and Binance Coin. App review - Fiat Wallet

The fiat wallet in the App gives you the option to choose a fiat wallet. You can choose between Euro, Australian Dollar and British Pound. 

The fiat wallet can be used for bank wire transfers or SEPA transfers.

We use our Euro fiat wallet in the app for SEPA transfers. We transfer Euro from our European bank account to the app to buy more cryptocurrency.

We use this function because its extremely fast to be fiat. If we deposit our Euros in the morning they will reach our fiat wallet in the afternoon the same day. Well, extremely fast for being an international fiat transfer. App review - Credit

Credit is a feature in the we have not used and we dont intend to use it. Basically, its a lending feature and you can read more about the Credit feature on their site. App review - Rewards

There are different rewards you can get from the app. They are divided into:

  • Referral Bonus
  • Pay Rewards
  • Card Cashback

Referral bonus is what you get, and we, if you sign up via our referral link and stake 1.000 CRO. 

You will get $50 in CRO and we will get $50 in CRO.

You will get pay rewards if you use the app for paying and this will be 2.5%-5% depending on your CRO staking. However, we haven’t used this feature.

You will receive card cashback every time you spend with your CRO card. The card cashback ranges from 1%-5% depending onhow much CRO you have staked (1.000-1.000.000). App review - Pay

In the App feature, Pay, you can buy gift cards, airtime and much more. You can also earn cashback depending on your CRO staking. However, we havent used this feature and will not review it in this review until we have used it ourselves. Desktop Exchange has an exchange that is only available in the desktop format.

Note that we have two different referral links. One for the app which is distributed in this article since the article is a App review. However, the other referral link, distributed here, is only for the desktop exchange and with this you can get an additional $50 FREE in CRO if you stake 5.000 CRO.

How to get $50 free in CRO from Exchange?

  1. Sign up with Exchange by clicking on our referral link (the blue button).
  2. Complete Sign up
  3. Complete KYC verification
  4. Stake 5000 CRO (200 USD) on the exchange.
  5. Use referral code: mcmk7qgbhh App review - Summary

We believe the App is very good and we use Earn, Card and Fiat Wallet on continuously basis.

On Earn we a have a large portion of our crypto holding to receive passive income. Earn we use mainly for free Spotify and Free Netflix. In addition, we receive +2%on all interests since we did stake 100.000 CRO. fiat wallet we use for Euro SEPA deposits and these Euros we either deposit into our CRO VISA card for spending or buying more cryptocurrency for.


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