Best Crypto Exchange for US Customers

Best Bitcoin exchange in the US

Bitcoin exchanges face issues when US market is in question in terms of strict regulations. Thus, not many platforms are able to operate under the US soil.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are websites where you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

To date, there are over 200 cryptocurrency exchanges that support active trading. However, only few are serving the US market and US customers. 

• Trading and Exchange Fees
• Trading Pairs
• Features
• Security and Regulations
• Card Deposit Fees 
• Withdrawal Options and Fees

Bests Crypto Exchanges for US customers - Exchange Fees

In the table below, you find some of the most popular crypto exchanges for US customers. Also, you find what they charges in spot exchange fees. As you can see, the fees varies a lot and fees should definitely impact your choice of what crypto exchange to use.

As you can see NEXO is not charging any fees but they have a spread. Spread is the difference between the selling price and the buying price. In an order book it´s the difference between the highest selling price and the lowest buying price.

Since NEXO probably have lower trading volumes than the other three exchanges, the spread is worth to take into consideration.

But remember, there is also a spread in the other listed exchanges even though it´s usually about 0.01%-0-02% in major markets.




Bests Crypto Exchanges for US customers - Markets

In the table below, you find some of the most popular crypto exchanges for US customers and how many markets they support. The number of trading markets is most interesting if you are looking for smaller altcoins since all the major exchanges have all the major cryptocurrencies listed.




*Coinbase Pro and all data is collected from Coinranking

Bests Crypto Exchanges for US customers - Features

In the table below, you find some of the most popular crypto exchanges for US customers and what features they have launched. Features are vary important when you choose a cryptocurrency exchange.

Also, it´s important to notice that all of them have some kind of “Earn” feature where you can deposit your cryptocurrencies as staking or into an interest account to earn passive income and yield.

While Coinbase and Kraken supports relatively few cryptocurrencies in their Earn feature, Nexo and supports a lot of cryptocurrencies. If you are about to HODL your cryptocurrencies, you wan to check where to get the best crypto interest rate and yield since this will impact your long-term investment result a lot.



Bests Crypto Exchanges for US customers - Security and Regulations

In the table below, we have summarized the US exchanges and how they apply for regulations, licenses and insurances.

  1. Licenses and Regulations
  2. Insurance 
  3. Account and Login Security
  4. Team and Operational history
A table never gives 100% accurate information and the main purpose of a table is to visualize a lot of content to make it easier for the reader to get an overview and compare. See our article about regulated and licensed exchanges and interest accounts with insurance for more information.






Bests Crypto Exchanges for US customers - Card Deposits

Depositing by credit or debit card is a very popular method because it´s fast.

However, it´s also expensive and you might want to consider SEPA or wire transfer. They are slow to settle but at least they are almost free in most cases.

If you choose to go with a credit or debit card deposit, check the fees in the table below.




Bests Crypto Exchanges for US customers - Withdrawals

You might consider to exchange back to fiat at some point and it could be worth to compare the different withdrawal fees.