Best Crypto Exchange Euro and USD Withdrawal Fees and Rates

withdraw Bitcoin to USD or EUR

We list the best crypto exchange EURO and USD withdrawal fees and rates.

We compare different exchanges to find the best way to convert Bitcoin to USD or EUR. You must consider exchange fees, exchange order book spreads and withdrawal fees

The spread is the difference in buy and sell price.

The exchange fee is what the exchange charges you to provide the order book, or the exchange service.

The withdrawal fee is what the exchanges charges you if you want to withdraw you USD or EUR to a normal fiat account.

The exchange rate is how many USD you get per Bitcoin. This can differ quite a lot between different exchanges. You want to find an exchange with deep liquidity because you will get both better spread and better exchange rate.

We intend to structure the answer into several categories. These include 

  1. Lowest exchange fee
  2. Best exchange spread
  3. Lowest withdrawal fees

Best Crypto Spot Exchange Fees

In the table below, you find the spot exchange fees for some of the best crypto exchanges in the world. As you can see, the fees varied a lot and that is why it´s so important to make some investigations before you go for a crypto exchange.

The fees are given as maker and taker fee (Maker/Taker). A maker fee is charged if you place a limit order into the order book. A taker fee is charged if you choose to buy at the market price and therefor take liquidity from the order book.




Best Cypto Exchange Spread

Spread is the difference between the lowest buy price and the highest sell price in an order book. This is important to take into calculation because it´s one form of fee paid by the buyer.

If you are only about to trade Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH on the largest crypto exchanges you don´t have to take the spread into consideration.

As you can see in the print screen below from Coingecko with the Ethereum ETH markets the spread only varies between 0.01% and 0.02% on the largest crypto exchange we list.

However, if you are going to sign with a small crypto exchange or if you are going to trade small altcoins the liquidity and the spread are vital.

Crypto Exchange EURO and USD Withdrawal Lowest fees

In the table below, we have listed the crypto exchanges with lowest withdrawal fees for EURO and USD.

As you can see there are no fees connected to EUR and USD withdrawals from and NEXO which is great.

However, the crypto exchange withdrawal fees are in general low in percentage terms if you about the withdraw $1000 or more. But make sure to notice that Binance charges a percentage fee on fiat withdrawals which can be huge if you are about to withdraw a large sum of fiat currencies.




Summary - Crypto Exchange EURO and USD Withdrawal Lowest fees

According to our tables above Kraken is the best crypto exchange EUR and USD withdrawal fees and rates.

Here, you get a low exchange fee (especially if you get the maker fee), tight spread and there are low fee options for both EUR and USD withdrawal options.

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