List: Top 4 Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets 2019 – Ledger, Trezor, Keepkey and Archos

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In this review, we go over the best Bitcoin hardware wallet and how can crypto traders utilize these devices. Known for their superior security features, Bitcoin hardware wallets come in different shapes and services. Here, we go through the most popular ones in the market, including:

Price$68 – $138$55 – $168$79Varies
Shipping FeesFree Shipping$10 to $17Free (US) $60Varies
Delivery2-5 weeks1-6 weeks2 weeks1 week
Regions ServedGloballyGloballyGloballyGlobally
Supported Cryptos22 Cryptos and ERC-20 tokensOver 1000 cryptos7 cryptos and 46 ERC-20 tokens11 cryptos and ERC-20 tokens
Supported OSWindows 8+, macOS 10.8+, Linux,iOS 9+, Android 7+PC, Mac, Linux, AndroidPC, Mac, Linux, AndroidPC, Mac, Linux
Go to LedgerGo to TrezorGo to KeepKeyGo to Archos

Each of these has its own features to make use of. However, they are all very similar when it comes to security. At the same time, compared to other wallets (online and exchanges) the  they possess far superior technology and safety functions. Apart from the above-mentioned hardware wallets, there are also a few other devices that you can get your hands on, which we mention at the end of this guide. According to Bitcoin Wiki, a hardware wallet is a more secure alternative to a software wallet.


Ledger Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

We start with Ledger Nano Security similarities between its models and what security layers hardware wallet offers. Both models (Nano S and X) are secured through a private key generation. This means that the code you get is one generated by the device itself, offline. These keys are further encrypted by an SSH/PGP Agent app, signing encrypted messages through the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG).

Thus, all communication between your device and online exchanges would be very hard to break. Other notable crypto security measures include:

  • PIN code
  • Password
  • Passphrase backup (24-word recovery phrase)
  • Physical buttons for transaction confirmation
  • Certified secure chip and element (CC EAL5+)

Both Ledger Nano models support 22 cryptos and ERC-20 tokens and are compatible with over 50 other wallets. They operate as USB, connectable with your computer and laptop, as seen below.

Best  Bitcoin hardware wallets ledger nano S and Ledger Nano X pictures

Ledger Nano S vs Ledger Nano X

Below you can find differences between Ledger Nano S vs Ledger Nano X.

TREZOR Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

TREZOR Bitcoin hardware wallet operates somewhat similarly as Ledger Nano but it is quite different in several aspects. The device is a mini-computer, with the setup done without a connection to a computer. Ledger Nano is a USB and as such, needs an external operating system to be installed. Thus, to accommodate different needs, TREZOR came up with two models, each with its own features:

  • TREZOR Model T
  • TREZOR One

TREZOR Security

The thing about TREZOR security is that the device itself can function on its own. PIN, passwords, and passphrases should be generated on a computer if you are using TREZOR One. TREZOR Model T does not need such connection as it operates completely independently. Furthermore, wallet has a screen that shows you balance even when offline. Although you can find much the same feature with Ledger, TREZOR is simply a computer on its own.

TREZOR runs bootloader, connected directly to the SatoshiLabs. Thus, it implements and uses only adequate firmware. Furthermore, the bootloader erases the memory on firmware updates, making it impossible for hackers to install their own “updates.” Essentially, while device’s software is being updated, bootloader makes sure that update signature is coming from the secure source.

Apart from the bootloader, here are some of the other security features that protect your crypto wallets from ransomware and large-scale online attacks:

  • PIN code, up to 9 digits (each unsuccessful try pushes waiting time for the next attempt by the power of two)
  • Password
  • BIP39 passphrases (32 letters, never stored or even generated by the TREZOR devices)
  • Private keys
  • Physical buttons for transaction confirmations


Best  Bitcoin hardware wallets Trezor One vs Trezor model T

There are few differences between these two models, so we provide brief TREZOR One vs TREZOR Model T analysis. Below is a table with specifications on both models, concentrating only on where they differ.

KeepKey Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

KeepKey Bitcoin hardware wallet offers enhanced security features for crypto traders that wish to manage large coin portfolio. With the support of over 40 and more cryptocurrencies, KeepKey provides all the necessary tools to keep your online assets safe. You have following functions at your disposal at KeepKey:

  • PIN code protection with up to 9 digits code (wrong attempts double the waiting time)
  • Passphrase (12 characters)
  • Transaction speed customization
  • BIP32 Wallet protection
  • Encrypted Private keys

Although ShapeShift exchange owns the brand, it is possible to use it with other platforms as well.

Archos Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Archos has a lot to offer within its platform, Bitcoin hardware wallet included. The company offers tablets and mobile phones powered by blockchain technology. Crypto products that Archos offers include:

  • ARCHOS phones
  • ARCHOS tablets
  • ARCHOS Safe-T mini Bitcoin hardware wallet

Non-crypto portfolio is also available for tech lovers, which includes Scooters, Hoverboards, Bolts, and other products.

ARCHOS Safe-T mini Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

ARCHOS Safe-T mini comes with an arsenal of protection tools that keep hackers away. The device has an Encrypted Crypto Mem (Secured EEprom) protecting your keys from unauthorized access. Furthermore, the wallet has embedded screen to protect your assets from prying eyes while you are in a public area.

Other than encryption and screen, the wallet comes with these security functions:

  • PIN code (6 digits)
  • Private keys
  • Password
  • Hardware buttons for crypto transfer validations
  • Support for 11 cryptos and all ERC-20 tokens
  • Recovery seed (passphrase of 24 words)

Other Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

Apart from TREZOR, Ledger Nano, KeepKey, and Archos devices, there are other Bitcoin hardware wallets to check out. We recommend these, as they also belong in the top security category:

  • Bitfi
  • CoolWallet
  • BitLox
  • Ellipal
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