Zebpay review

Zebpay Review Company

Zebpay was started in 2012 as the first India Bitcoin exchange company. Zebpay aims to make the learning curve shorter for a new Bitcoin user. They have done a mobile app with revolutionary technology to minimize the learning time to buy, store and use bitcoins.

Zebpay review summary

Pros: Android and IOS mobile app.

Cons: No webversion

Zebpay services and security

Zebpay provides a simple way to buy, sell, store, use, and manage bitcoins. Zebpay always works flexible and their services may evolve over time. That means they may make changes, replace, or discontinue (temporarily or permanently) any of their services. Zebpay will provide information with notice via the website/ application.

Zebpay handles the highest security standards. Your Zebpay wallet is linked with your mobile number. In addition, there is a 4 digit PIN to verify transactions in case you lose your mobile phone. Zebpay wallets are secured using multisig wallets. You need to verify your ID before you can buy or sell bitcoins via Zebpay.

Zebpay internal system

Zebpay has an internal system. Zebpay will transfer bitcoin to Zebpay users  without using the bitcoin network. By doing this, Zebpay avoids the confirmation time and also transaction fees payable to the network. By using the service, you authorize Zebpay to keep your bitcoin in custody and allow them sending bitcoin to other users without using the bitcoin network protocol.

Our experience with Zebpay

We has no experience with Zebpay. We think it´s great with a mobile application focused on the super large country India.

Zebpay on forums and reviews

The information of Zebpay is very limited. We will update.

Zebpay verify ID

All European users that want to trade, send or receive cryptocurrencies on Zebpay must undergo an account verification.

Is Bitcoin legal in India?

  1. Accepting bitcoins in not illegal under any existing Indian laws.
  2. Trading bitcoins is legal in India under existing laws.


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