Zcash Cloud Mining Review – Free Contracts, Profitability, Best Contracts

In this article we will review Zcash cloud mining. We will explain what Zcash cloud mining is, where to find trusted cloud mining companies for Zcash, if there is any free Zcash cloud mining, Zcash cloud mining profitability and much more. We will cover these subheadings.

  • What is Zcash Cloud Mining?
  • What trusted sites do Zcash offer Cloud Mining contracts?
  • Is there free Zcash Cloud Mining?
  • Zcash Cloud Mining Contracts
  • Zcash Cloud Mining Profitability
  • Zcash Mining Algorithm
  • Zcash cloud mining on Reddit
  • Zcash Cloud Mining US Bitcoin Cloud Mining
  • Best Zcash Cloud Mining Site

What is Zcash Cloud Mining?

Zcash cloud mining means that you buy or rent equipment from a company that operates and maintains the mining equipment for you. You get your mining reward and the company either takes part of your mining reward or a cost upfront to run and maintain the equipment.

What trusted sites do Zcash Cloud Mining offer?

The only companies that have offered Zcash cloud mining are Genesis Mining and Hashflare. Both of these companies are considered legitimate among the online community.

Is there free Zcash Cloud Mining?

Minergate offers a free software that you can download and my direct Zcash directly on your computer. This is not profitable if you have a laptop but can be profitable if you have a gaming computer with good graphics card, especially if you have cheap electricity. In the screenshot below you can see when we mine Zcash with Minergate in April 2019.

Minergate Zcash Cloud Mining Review

Zcash Cloud Mining Contracts

Only Genesis Mining and Hashflare have offered Zcash cloud mining contracts. Genesis Mining 2-year contract with maintenance fee included. Hashflare did offer 1-year Zcash cloud mining contract with maintenance fee included.

Zcash Cloud Mining Profitability

In March 2019, there are no available Zcash cloud mining contracts to calculate profitability.

Zcash Mining Algorithm

Founder and CEO of Zcash Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn and his team of cryptographers and researchers spent three years working on an alternative that would fix a key problem with bitcoin – privacy.

Zcash cloud mining on Reddit

ZcashMiners subreddit

ZcashMiners subreddit covers everything about Zcash mining, including cloud mining. 

Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/ZcashMiners/ 

ZEC subreddit 

ZEC subreddit is about Zcash and not about cloud mining in particular. 

Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/zec/ 

Zcash subreddit 

Zcash does not exist anymore and has moved to a private community.

Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Zcash/ moved to https://forum.zcashcommunity.com/

Zcash Cloud Mining VS Bitcoin Cloud Mining

  • Zcash and Bitcoin are both Proof or Work. However, Zcash uses the Equihash algorithm, which is not compatible with ASIC equipment, a high-powered mining commonly used with bitcoin. Instead, Zcash relies on RAM requirements, making it incompatible with ASIC. This allows Zcash miners to use a more basic setup, including CPUs or GPUs, which decreases potential startup costs.

  • It is more anonymous and private than Bitcoin.

  • Zcash and Bitcoin mining are the same which is 12.5 units per block. However, the USD value differ between them.

  • Zcash was created with a founder’s reward. Distributed to stakeholders are like investors, advisors and employees. This occurs for the first four years, and after this time, miners receive the full 100 percent of the award.

  • Zcash uses a different Proof of Work than Bitcoin. Zcash’s, Equihash algorithm, relies on RAM and is not compatible with ASIC equipment which is used for Bitcoin mining. Because of this it is possible to use CPU or GPU from a personal computer to my Zcash.

Best Zcash Cloud Mining Site

There are no cloud mining contracts on the market. However, you can choose to extract Zcash with Minergate’s software.

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