Cryptocoinzone Cookies

We use cookies at Cryptocoinzone. Almost all sites on the Internet do use cookies. All sites that uses cookies must, by law, inform the visitors that the site uses cookies. Also, the user must be informed what we use cookies for and how you can delete them. A cookie is used to save information between visits so that the site can recognize a recurring visit and load faster next time. A cookie may contain information regarding settings or login details on a site. For example, when you save your password to easily enter the site next time, this is done by a cookie.

Google Analytics Cookies

Cryptocoinzone uses Google Analytics cookies for tracking and visitor statistics. Google Analytics stores information about you as a visitor:

  • Visit the website for the first time
  • when you visited the site at the latest
  • when your current visit started
  • how many times you visited the site
  • which browser you are using
  • How you found the site by identifying traffic sources.

How to turn off cookies?

It is possible to turn off cookies, if you do not want to allow cookies to be stored on your computer. Go to the settings of your browser and turn cookies can turn it off in your browser settings, then no cookies will be stored.