Earn Crypto Passive Income

Here, we will teach you how to earn crypto passive income on your idle cryptocurrency holdings.

You can earn passive income on your cryptocurrencies in several ways but we will focus on:

Best Crypto Interest Rates

In the table below, you can find the best crypto interest rates for each of the top cryptocurrencies.





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Crypto Staking Rewards on DeFi

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Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining

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We started to invest in cloud mining in 2013 so we know what we are talking about regarding this topic. However, around 2013 cloud mining was an unknown phenomena and many people took advantage of this and created many cloud mining scams. There were so many cloud mining scams that you couldn’t tell which one was legit and which one was not. At this point we created Allcloudminers.com which only purpose was to try to help people to not invest in scams. We did develop skills to differentiate scams from legit cloud mining companies. Nowadays Allcloudminers and Cryptocoinzone have been merged to this site.

Still, cloud mining is a questionable service and many people doesn’t experience profit in the long run. We think cloud mining can be a good option if you like to differentiate your passive income portfolio. We would never recommend anyone to go all in on cloud mining. We have learned how to earn bitcoin passive income in other ways, such as interest accounts and staking. We prefer these passive incomes over cloud mining and you can read more about these options in our complete guide about bitcoin passive income.

Blog Posts on Crypto Passive Income

Questions on Passive Income

What is crypto passive income?

Crypto passive income is earnings derived from something  in which a person is not actively involved. The most common examples are

  • Interest account or savings account (where a 3th party uses your funds for lending or liquidity providing). Some examples are Celsius, NEXO, BlockFi, Crypto.com and YouHodler.
  • Staking where your funds are used to secure a proof-of-stake network (Compare mining rewards for the Bitcoin network). Examples of some exchanges providing staking service are Kraken, Binance and Coinbase.

Can I earn interest on my stablecoins like USDT?

Yes, you can earn great interest rates on your USDT and stablecoin holdings. 

Actually, the best interest rates are achieved on crypto stablecoins and for USDT you can more than 12%. Read more about the best USDT interest rate to earn the highest APY.

Also, we have listed the best USDC interest rates in this article.

What different ways are there to earn crypto passive income?

There are many different ways to earn crypto passive income. At Cryptocoinzone we have listed the following ways to earn crypto passive income

  • Crypto Interest Saving Account
  • Crypto Staking Rewards
  • DeFi alternatives (liquidity mining and yield farming)
  • Cloud Mining

Are there any risks with crypto passive income?

Yes, as for any investment, crypto passive income investments involve risks.

What risks are you facing when you deposit into crypto passive income?

We have identified some risks we think represent the major risks. However, remember that you are always responsible over your own money. There are certainly more risks than these listed below.

  • Cryptocurrencies are not a regulated market (There are still many scams around)
  • Many of the options we list on this site involves depositing your funds into a 3th party. A third part can be a scam but they can be legit and get hacked or fail to operate for many other reasons.
  • The cryptocurrency market is volatile
  • Be aware of the tax rules in your restriction. You might get a high passive income you have to pay tax for but once you are going to pay the tax your crypto might be worth less.

Do you own risk versus rewards

You are always responsible for doing your own risk versus rewards calculations.


Because you are responsible over your own funds and there are so many personal questions to ask yourself here. Some examples are

  • Can I lose this investment and still pay my everyday expenses?
  • Do I invest for long term or short term?
  • Do I invest for a certain expense or for economic freedom?
  • What large expenses will I have in the near future?

Read more in our crypto risk management article to get some more ideas on how to minimize risk.

What is the best crypto interest rate I can get?

It´s very important to not only look at the best interest rate since there are so many more things to weigh in here.

For example, many DeFi protocols can offer insane good interest rate but this is only because the inflation rate is super high. CAKE is an obvious example here.

So, is there any deflationary token that give interest?

Yes, there is 1 and almost 1

  • Binance Coin is a deflationary token since Binance burn BNB´s dependent on how much they collect in fees for each quarter. Read more about the best Binance Coin BNB interest rates.
  • Ethereum ETH is almost deflationary after introducing the EIP 1559 where some of the fees collected are burned. On top of this, you can earn 5-6% staking rewards on Ethereum 2.0. Read more about the best Ethereum ETH interest rates.


What is a crypto interest saving account?

A crypto interest saving account is where you can deposit your cryptocurrency and earn interest. Your money is used for different purposes but the most common is for lending or for liquidity. Some companies offering this service are, with linked review

What is Cloud Mining?

Cloud mining means you hire mining power from a company. For this, they take a maintenance fee (including electrical fee). 

The rest is yours to keep. The cloud mining contract is highly dependent on mining difficulty and bitcoin price. The investment is high risk. 

Read more about each cloud miner. Read our Cloud Mining Introduction if this is the first time are in contact with cloud mining. 

Is Cloud mining profitable in 2021?

We have invested in cloud mining since 2013 and we have experienced a lot of scams and a lot of unprofitable contracts. However, the cloud mining industry has developed a lot since then, but still, the contracts give low return. We would recommend to read our guide on Cryptocurrency passive income where you can read about alternatives.

How do i invest in Cloud Mining?

An investment in cloud mining is a straightforward procedure. You signup and choose what contract you want to buy. Thereafter, it’s just a simple credit card buy or a Bitcoin transfer. Also, you can read our blog post, cloud mining step by step, if you want a fast guide to make an investment in cloud mining. 

Are There Any Cloud Mining Risks?

Yes, we have summarized the cloud mining risks below.

Mining Competition: A cloud mining company can always go bankrupt because of bad business. Examples are KNCminer, Mining Sweden and Zeushash.

Ponzi Schemes: There are many fake cloud mining sites. Be careful and invest only in well-known operators. Examples of famous cloud mining Ponzi schemes are Hashocean, Biteminer, Bitcoincloudservices, and much more. Read more about this topic in, How to identify a cloud mining scam.

Bitcoin Volatility: The payouts can decrease when the coin price decrease.

Change of terms: The cloud mining company can change the terms of the contract at any point. This happened with Hashflare 2017-08-30. They even changed the terms on already sold contracts.

Is Cloud Mining Passive Income?

Cloud mining is a perfect option for Bitcoin passive income. The only active job you need to do is to buy a cloud mining contract. After this, you will get daily payouts without doing anything at all. Also, this type of passive income is not correlated to the stock market and inflation rate. Read more about passive income in our blog post Bitcoin passive income.

How can I know if a Cloud Mining company is legit in 2021?

Cloud mining has been an industry full of scams and it´s not easy to determine, whether or not, a cloud mining company is legit in 2021.

However, the worst era is over and now there are some legit cloud mining companies that you should stay to if you think about investing in cloud mining.

We have summarized all legit cloud mining companies in 2020.