Five Interesting ICOs to Watch Out for 2018

This article has an aim to present you the five interesting ICOs to watch out in 2018. With the industry’s ups and downs, it is quite important to get the latest information about ICOs with a positive perspective. The five interesting ICOs analyzed in this paper are WELL, EXMO Coin, Cappasity, Rentberry, and Trippki. We also continuously publish in deep analysis of certain ICOs on our ICO reviews page.

We go through fundraisers’ ownership, tokens and solutions they offer, constructing pros and cons for each. We also provide answers on how to detect a scam when analyzing new investment opportunities. We conclude with remarks regarding the best ICO to invest from the chosen five in terms of thefuture potential of token and platform.

ICO Industry

To starts off, there is a large number of ICOs, both small and large in funding scope. It is difficult to create a single statistical database about them. Nevertheless, many websites and platforms do offer more or less accurate information about what is going on in the industry.

Suffice to say, the year 2017 was the breakthrough in terms of funds raised through ICOs. According to the data from CoinDesk ICO Tracker, the industry saw a growth of almost 1.800 %. From $0.3 billion in 2016, the year 2017 took over $5.6 billion of coins form various projects. This signifies increased the popularity of crypto peer-to-peer fundraisings, a trend expected to continue in 2018.

The said movement does not come without issues, however, as several countries like China forbidding them to occur. Scams are rampant as well, with many investors losing their bitcoins or Ethereum. Hence, we provide you with the investigation of the top five interesting ICOs in 2018 to look at.


WELL is a cryptocurrency platform that aims to connect doctors, physicians, and therapist with their clients through blockchain technology. The company wishes to solve the issue regarding the distance between patients and healthcare providers. The solution it plans to implement is a single marketplace, where parties can directly connect with each other.

Project plans to fund itself through BTC, ETH, and other coins, through fiat money is accepted as well through credit cards. ICO is scheduled to start in 16th of April, while presale already gathered up $3 million worth of assets.

Both website and whitepaper offer abundance of information, including the solution, token codes, roadmap, and team members’ backgrounds. You can check out the platform in the picture below. Read the full WELL review.

WELL, the coin is set to start with a price of $0.1 while total fund worth stands at $28 million.


EXMO is a very interesting platform to invest in,to say the least. The exchange has been operating since 2013, built a steady client base and reputation in the market. After it reached a millionth registration in its platform, the company aims to add several services. It wishes to offer lending, futures contracting, increased trade pairs and open an office in Shanghai.

Thus, the ICO funding is needed to support these projects but also to create a new cryptocurrency as well. The token will be called EXMO and the price is set to be $1 per 1 coin. Read our EXMO exchange review.


Cappasity comes with a promise of new virtual reality platform through its ICO fundraising project. The VR is used in 3D exchange marketplace, where traders can rent, sell and buy 3D content between each other. ICO itself revolves around a new coin called CAPP, created to streamline company’s plans in further developing an already existing market.

ICO accepts BTC and ETH, with $47.5 million being the hard cap. You can check out the platform’s service in the snapshot below. Read the full Cappasity review.


Much like WELL and Cappasity, Rentberry offers services outside of cryptocurrency exchange. The project revolves around the rental marketplace, where parties can upload home ads for rentals. Using blockchain technology, homeowners and interested clients can communicate and make payments through platform’s payment system. The rental market would be enhanced through secure smart contracts, creating trust, speed, and efficiency of supply/demand market.

ICO is set to offer coin called BERRY at the ratio of 1 ETH = 2.500 BERRY, with BTC also included as a payment method. Fixed limit stands at $30 million, with ICO ending on 28th February.


The company aims to create a traveling platform, where tourists can book hotel rooms using crypto technology. The platform would implement rating system and ledger records as means of safety while cryptocurrencies such as token TRIP would be used as a method of payment.

The token is not to be mined by peers and is non-inflationary, meaning that company keeps full control of its supply. ICO is planned to take place in Q2 of 2018, with 40% of 200 million tokens available for sale during fundraising period. The goal is 36.000 ETH while minim investment amount stands at 20 ETH.

Beware the Scams

As seen in the ICOs presented by this article, it is quite important to conduct a deep analysis of the project prior to the investment. There are several factors that should be taken into account when checking out an ICO:

  • What is the offered solution?Does platform offer a product that can solve real problems and is the said solution possible to implement? Is it profitable in terms of the market it wishes to compete in?
  • Token. The cryptocurrency that comes out as a result of the fundraising project needs to have several exchange platforms that would list it. After all, if you invest your BTCs or ETHs, you need to make sure you can get more value of it in future.
  • Who are the owners? If developers are not known, there is no way to sue them if the project goes awry.
  • Whitepaper. Does whitepaper present the project faithfully, providing as many answers on the ICO as possible? Long papers tend to hold more information about coding, plans for future and team member information as well.


We have shown you the top five interesting ICOs to watch out for 2018. The investigation results show that four of the ICOs are quite close in the level of attractiveness and potential ROI. WELL, EXMO, Cappasity,andRentberry all offer sustainable business ideas at a low token price.

Although legit, Trippki aims for businesses and richer traders with the minimum amount of investment standing at 20 ETH. The value (approximately $20.000) is quite large for regular traders and starters, leaving only organizations and crypto experts to participate. Read full ICO reviews from other ICOs on our ICO reviews page.

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