Use Bitcoin to pay your website hosting

Use Bitcoin to pay your website hosting

In this guide, we will provide you with an answer on how to use bitcoin to pay your website hosting easily and safely. We have compiled a report on the known bitcoin website hosting platforms, investigating their functions. These indicators are cost plans, privacy, and other available services.

The said platforms that you will find in this report are THC servers, Ititch, Namecoin, Hosterbox, and CCIhosting. For each company, we have also constructed pros and cons analysis, as to benchmark them against each other.

Hosting Services Available

Bitcoin has shown enormous growth in both value and infrastructure in recent years. The cryptocurrency is now used not only for trade but also as a payment method for online goods and services. Hosting services are increasingly accepting the digital money as means of payment, especially now with large price growth of BTC.

One of the main perks of the coin is the increased level of privacy. Thus, the anonymity of bitcoin payment is an indicator that we wish to investigate in this article. We also wish to investigate if there are other services available through payments made with crypto coins.

THC servers

The THC servers is a company operating under the full name of SC THC Projects SRL. The organization started its operations in 2013, with headquarters located in Dolj, Romania. The site offers several web hosting services, including bitcoin hosting plans. Currently, using BTC, you have four main plans to choose from, them being:

  • BTC Heb Hosting
  • BTC VPS Hosting
  • BTC Dedicated Servers
  • BTC Reseller Hosting

You can check out the features and pricing of the plan in a picture below this text.

pricing plans THC hosting

The company has 6 offices around the world, ensuring complete backup of its clients’ needs. The bitcoin purchase is done through BitPay wallet while privacy is somewhat low. You have to provide full details about yourself but without scanned documents. BTC value is constructed through data from CoinGate.


  • affordable web hosting plans;
  • service instantly available through BitPay wallet.


  • requires personal information like first & last name, and address;
  • evaluation of BTC through an exchange (unfavorable conversion rate).


ItItch is yet another web hosting service, dedicated to BTC payment system only. The platform is owned by Kalix LTD, based in Christchurch, New Zealand. At this moment, you have three plans to choose from, them being Anonymous Single Domain, Linux, and Windows. These range in value from $70 to $140, with features being very similar to THC Servers and other platforms. Thus, we deem the service quite expensive.

Although it dubs itself as completely anonymous, you are still requiredtoprovide personal data about yourself, as shown below. Its services are globally available, with 6 data centers operating in different regions of the world.

registration details ititch


  • apart from regular hosting plans, BTC VPN hosting products available as well;
  • transactions are processed very quickly, up to 10 minutes.


  • full personal details needed, so not private;
  • prices are higher than the industry average.


If you were looking for a decentralized marketplace to get a unique name, then you should check out the Namecoin. The platform was established by a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, bent on providing crypto web hosting services. Registering a domain at Namecoin carries registration and transaction fees. Registration costs 0.01 NMC (approximately $0.026) while transaction costs are determined by the network.

It is probably the most private way to get your hosting services, as no personal information is required form you. You need to have Namecoins as means of payment. You can get these by swapping BTC with NMC at Poloniex and ShapeShift.


  • completely anonymous to purchase and use;
  • one of the lowest fees in the industry.


  • complex to set up and use;
  • indirect bitcoin purchase through Namecoin.


A Canadian company of the same name owns the platform, with headquarters based in Ottawa. Since 2005, Hosterbox offers hosting services using bitcoin and Ethereum as crypto payment methods, alongside with more traditional fiat funds. When using BTC as a payment option, the platform offers 20% discount on all plans. There are 4 major plans for you to choose from, with details listed in the picture below.

hosterbox pricing plans

The privacy is of the same level as THC Servers and IT Itch, as you need to provide personal details while purchasing a program. Services are available globally while prices are expressed in USD. BTC purchase is available through BitPay wallet.


  • offers ETH payment method in addition to BTC;
  • 20% discount using bitcoins when buying a plan.


  • personal details required at check out;
  • conversion of price from USD to BTC needed.


CCIhosting is a platform owned by Cyber Cast International, S.A., based in Panama. The off-shore company offers four major BTC hosting plans, with details found in a snapshot below.

CCI hosting pricing plans

Much like its counterparts, personal details are required to purchase a plan while conversion of USD to BTC is necessary. Features are pretty much the same as with others in the market, though prices are more in line with THC Servers.


  • instantaccess to plans using BTC;
  • competitive pricing of hosting plans.


  • not completely private as personal information is demanded;
  • USD to BTC conversion rate might be unfavorable.

Can you pay anonymously with Bitcoin?

If we measure privacy with anumber of scanned documents needed for purchase to take place, then the market is anonymous. You still need to provide your personal information, including, first & last name, address,and email. The only truly private network to get a hosting name is Namecoin, as you do not leave any trace behind your purchases.


In this article, we investigated THC servers, Ititch, Namecoin, Hosterbox, and CCIhosting with regards how to use bitcoin to pay your website hosting. The findings suggest that most platforms use conversion from USD to BTC when purchasing their plans. The Namecoin, although the most private, also uses conversion, though instead of fiat, it has NMCs.

Prices are still deemed as competitive and privacy is at a moderate level. You do not need to upload personal documents but you are required to provide personal information about yourself.

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