What will happen to altcoin 2018?

What will Happen to Altcoin 2018

With 2017 being a booming year for Altcoins, 2018 looks like it is set to break several records as well. It is thus important to go through the industry in terms of its development and plans for the coming year. This article does exactly that, pinpointing important milestones that are lined up to take place in 2018.

Stay tuned as we go through the plans, developments and hard forks for several coins. The altcoins that shall be covered by this review are Ethereum, Ripple, DASH, Zcash, Monero, Cardan, and EOS.

EtherZero Hard Fork

Being the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, the eagerly awaited hard fork called EtherZero comes with several proposed changes. Scheduled to take place on January 19th, the EtherZero project proposes several important changes to the blockchain:

  • Instant payments with zero transaction fees
  • DAPP development and operation
  • Autonomous community governance system
  • New scalable two-layer network system
  • Masternode system similar to DASH

The new coin shall emerge as a result of the fork called ETZ with the following roadmap set in 2018:

JAN 2018 – Hard Fork

FEB 2018 – Issuance of an online wallet

MAR 2018 – Mobile wallet development

Q1/Q2 2018 – Masternode system’s implementation on Testnet.

Q4 2018 – Masternode system goes live.

The circulating supply shall consist of 116 million coins, with total supply equaling to 194 million ETZ at 2MB block size. About 20 million shall be held as a reserve, while 6 million will be released each year.

With the mining set to be a lot easier than Ethereum, the new coin aims for complete decentralization of the cryptocurrency. The team is yet to reveal themselves, even though the website is up and running. You can check out the technical specifications below.

What will Happen to Altcoin 2018 Ethereum mining

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Ripple’s Development

Judging from the announcements for the company, Ripple is set to sparkle in 2018. The first big announcement touched the potential partnership between China’s Central Bank and Ripple. The talks regarded the start of the Ripple Consensus Ledger (RCL), which would result in a new public blockchain platform.

Elsewhere, Ripple plans to enter the Indian market, especially since a new office is set to be open in Mumbai. With the market at its disposal, Ripple could push the coin further by providing services for Indian banks and exchanges. The process is already starting, as Yes Bank and Axis Bank have already started implementing the XRP’s blockchain payment solutions.

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DASH’s Roadmap

DASH took a different route towards its own development that other Altcoins by concentrating its efforts on a new wallet. The DashPay and DashCore wallet services started their development in 2017, with 2018 being the year for Dash Evolution.

The updated version dubbed 13.0 – Evolution V1 planned the release of the improved Public DashPay, DAPI, DashDrive, DashCore wallets. For this release, the blockchain developers planned several employment waves as to accommodate the needs of the market.

In addition to new wallets and employees, the company also plans to open new offices in Arizona, Europe (CORE), and Asia (Dash SW).

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Zcash Upgrades

The dev team of Zcash plans to improve the blockchain through two major upgrades in 2018 – Overwinter and Sapling. Overwinter is scheduled to go live in June 2018 and is mainly concerned with the background of the platform and ability to implement future upgrades. No further details have been provided at this stage for the Overwinter.

Sapling, on the other hand, focuses on protocols that would increase the transactions’ privacy. The aim is to provide feasibility to mobile wallet platforms and increase the performance in terms of time and memory.

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Monero’s Improvements

Monero is also not sitting tightly, with numerous improvements planned for 2018:

  • Darknet Adoption: being a private open source network, inclusion to the Darknet has a potential to push Monero forward.  It will be interesting to follow up and see what will occur if Monero succeeds in securing the adoption.
  • Multisignature support: multisig features are finally being developed by the dev team of Monero, as to provide additional security for XRM users. It will also bring the coin closer to Darknet’s adoption as well.
  • Kovri: introduces I2P (Invisible Internet Project) technology, allowing transactions and communication to be completely private.
  • Bulletproofs: the improved transaction pathways should bring about a lot lower network fees while increasing scalability of the coin. The said development should go live on testnet soon, preparing the necessary upgrades before they are released.
  • Hardware wallets: the year 2018 should also bring partnerships with HD device producers since Monero is yet to be included as storable. Ledger Nano S is mentioned of being in talks with the dev team over the past few months.

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Cardano ATM Expansion

While others are bent on improving their networks and blockchain services, Cardano takes a different approach. The dev team is in talks with several ATM manufacturers in spreading the Tellers all around Japan.

In addition to the ATMs, debit cards are also in plans for 2018, aimed at speeding ADA’s transactions up. The dev team also plans to release multisig wallets as to keep up with the security standards set in the crypto industry. The said improvements are prone to give a market share push for the coin. At the same time, the company is in talks with several exchanges over the inclusion of the ADA coin.

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EOS Ahead of Expectations

EOS roadmap stated that single-threaded transactions to be implemented by June 2018 while multi-thread to take place later on. Through excessive testing, the results showed that EOS team is ready to release both types of threads in 2018. The result of 50.000 transfers per second average over many different runs, with communication between blockchains being developed as we speak.

Final Thoughts

Wallet performance is the key strategic improvement planned for the year 2018 it seems. EtherZero plans on new wallet design and construction, DASH is releasing wallets for DashPay, DAPI, DashDrive, DashCore. Zcash aims to offer improved wallet services through Sapling while Monero wants to expand HD storage support.

Expansion in new markets is also a priority, as Ripple plans to open up offices in India and China. Cardano, on the other hand, wants to create a large ATM network in Japan. Thus, 2018, if all planned activities do happen, has a potential to surpass previous year in the aspect of cryptocurrency value.

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