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We have now got invited to the Morpher Trading App and in this article we will go through why you also should aim for an invite. It’s worth much more than the free 100 MPH you get!

In this article we will describe what the morpher token price is, why morpher token is great and what the morpher token really is.

Morpher will be a game changer in the online trading. They will offer you to trade with no fees 24/7 and any asset with almost any fraction.


Let us explain…

Morpher Airdrop: Get 100 MPH FREE Today!

Morpher Token Price on Uniswap

The Morpher token is now listed on Uniswap and is traded for a real price. Also, there is an expected price drop since many people are selling off their free airdrop Morpher Tokens.

The last price we have seen is in the screenshot below from Uniswap and was 0.0000302331 ETH per MPH. With an ETH price of 370 USD the price per Morpher Token is just above 1 cent.

Since the Morpher token is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and Morpher Tokens are an Ethereum based cryptocurrency (an ERC20 token to be precise), Morpher Tokens are compatible with most crypto wallets and can be listed on all major exchanges.

We would never sell our MPH tokens for 1 cent and we are actually buying Morpher tokens at this point.

Morpher Token Price on Uniswap

Morpher Token and Network value

Are you interested in the Morpher token total supply and network value?

Then, you must see the Morpher Token page on Etherscan.

Here you can find information about the latest trades, total supply, number of holders and all relevant information.


Morpher Token Network value VS Synthetix

We can make some easy calculations to compare the Morpher Token Price by its closest competitor Synthetic, SNX, August 17 2020.

  • Synthetix Network Token
  • Market cap: $600.000.000
  • Token Price: $6.4
  • Total Supply: $93.000.000
  • Morpher Token
  • Market cap: $30.000.000
  • Token Price: $0.03
  • Total Supply: $
In the example above, the SNX network is valued X20 Morpher value. However, Morpher has many advantages over SNX by offering free trading, fractional trading and no requirement for over-collaterization, leverage up to X10 and shorting possibilities.

I wouldn’t sell of the Morpher token for $0.03 🙂

What is Morpher?

Morpher is a trading platform and a market protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain.

What does this mean?

Morpher virtualizes investing by mirroring the price of any asset on the blockchain. 

This enables 

  • Trading a wide universe of assets 24/7
  • Trading with with infinite liquidity
  • Trading with zero fees even with leverage 

You still don’t understand?

Morpher has created the Morpher token that let you invest into any asset by using your Morpher tokens.

Lets taken an example:

  1. You own 1000 Morpher tokens
  2. You go long in ETH/USD
  3. ETH/USD increase 10% in price
  4. You close your position and you will end up with 1100 Morpher Tokens
Below you can see a video where the founder, Martin Froehler, pitch his new trading application. 

What is Morpher Token?

Morpher is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Morpher tokens is an ERC20 token. This means Morpher tokens can be listed on most exchanges and major wallets.

Morpher tokens are powering the Morpher trading platform as they are used as the settlement currency for all trades.

Morpher’s currency is staked via its smart contracts on any asset supported by the platform.

As the underlying asset gains market value, the smart contract mints new coins to the investor.

If the underlying decreases in value, the staked coins are destroyed proportionally. 

Morpher Airdrop: Get 100 MPH FREE Today!

When will the Morpher app be launched?

The Morpher app is launched to some traders. They are launching the app in sequences since they must ensure there are no major bugs when it’s released public.


What problem does Morpher solve?

Today trading is broken.

Morpher try to solve this by democratize trading.

Why is trading broken? Trading is broken for several reasons, including:

  1. Trading is burdensome – Today, there are too many middlemen involved and all charges fees.
  2. Trading is unfair since its only available for certain traders and institutions. Also, fractional trading is not possible.
  3. Tradin is very costly because of exchange fees, low liquidity, many middlemen or for other reasons.
  4. Market hours are limited 


Morpher Trading Review on Youtube

If you prefer a Youtube Morpher review over a written review I would recommend this Youtube video. 

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