Best AAVE Interest Rates and Staking Rewards Payouts

Best Aave interest rates and staking rewards payouts

This article will focus on the best AAVE interest rates and staking rewards. If you are an AAVE holder, you should also invest in them to earn crypto passive income.

Also, it´s essential to find the highest yield since this will significantly impact your long-term portfolio value. But, again, this is because of compounding interest.

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Best Aave Interest Rates and Staking Rewards

You can see all the best AAVE interest rates and staking rewards below.

As you can see, Celsius Network and YouHodler are giving interest payouts for your AAVE deposits.

Both Celsius Network and YouHodler are paying their rewards every week.




*Sign up bonus with terms and conditions

**Celsius Network is offering deposit bonus promo codes 

Kucoin Lending - Best AAVE Interest Rates

Kucoin lending offers the best AAVE interest rates. Kucoin margin lending is an open marketplace where lenders and borrowers are matched by Kucoin. The borrowers use the funds to trade leverage.

The interest rates are dynamic and change all the time. Follow this link for the most recent AAVE interest rates at Kucoin lending.

YouHodler with the best AAVE Interest rates

YouHodler is offering the best AAVE interest rate of 6%. YouHodler is a lending and borrowing company for cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Read more about the Youhodler earning product.

In addition, YouHolder has an innovative product called Multi HODL.

YouHodler Multi HODL

YouHodler Multi HODL combines the best of crypto exchanges and CFD trading. Simple and intuitive interface, convenient trade management, and FREE leverage.

You can find a comparison of YouHodler Multi HODL VS crypto exchange VS CFD trading in the table below. The table is taken from YouHodler.

Youholder multi hodl vs crypto exchange vs cfd trading

YouHodler Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons for YouHodler


  • YouHodler has no loyalty system
  • They pay the interest on a weekly basis in the deposited coin
  • YouHodler is offering high-interest rates


  • You can´t earn interest on more than equivalent to $100.000
  • There are withdrawal fees

Celsius Aave interest rate

Celsius Network is offering a great Aave interest rate. Also, don´t forget to claim the great Celsius Network welcome bonus of $50.

In addition, Celsius is offering many more deposit bonuses you can claim. However, please read the full terms and conditions before using deposit bonuses since you must keep the funds at Celsius for a certain period, usually 30-60 days.

Celsius Network pays the best Bitcoin BTC interest rates and the highest APY (6.2%).

Celsius Network Pros and Cons

Celsius Network Pros and Cons.


  • Great first deposit sign up bonus
  • Celsius Network is offering great deposit bonuses for existing customers
  • Many available cryptocurrencies
  • Largest lending and borrowing company for cryptocurrencies
  • The lowest interest rate for taking a loan with your crypto as collateral.


  • Complex loyalty system 
  • In general, not the best interest rates

Celsius SignUp Bonus

Celsius has a great signup bonus where you will get $50 in BTC when you sign up with our referral link and deposit at least $400. The bonus will be released after 30 days.


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What is Aave?

Aave is an open-source and non-custodial liquidity protocol for earning interest on deposits and borrowing assets.

In the Aave protocol, depositors provide liquidity to the market to earn a passive income, while borrowers can borrow cryptocurrencies in exchange for paying a variable interest rate. You can think of Aave as a decentralized version of Celsius Network or NEXO.

Compound COMP is also a popular Defi lending protocol. Read more about Compound COMP interest rates and staking rewards.

Coin Bureau about Aave

In the video below, you can find out what the biggest crypto Youtuber thinks of Aave.

Where to Buy Aave?

First, you need to find out all available markets for Aave. 

How to find all the markets for a cryptocurrency?

Go to Coingecko, search for your token and click on the markets tab. As you can see in the screenshot from Coingecko below, AAVE is listed on all exchanges from Cryptocoinzone, including Kraken, Coinbase, and Binance.

See a list of exchanges where you can stake and earn interest on your cryptocurrency holdings.

Pay tax on Aave interest rates

You must pay tax on all interest payouts, including AAve interest rewards. Luckily, there is crypto tax software to help you automatize this.

We think Koinly is the best crypto tax software. They also supply a free version where you can test to import your transactions manually or via an API. All instructions are written step-by-step in Koinly.

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