Best Avanlanche AVAX interest rate to earn the highest APY

Best Avanlanche AVAX interest rates and highest staking rewards

In this article, we have listed the best Avanlanche AVAX interest rates and staking rewards.

Also, we will discuss why it´s so important to spend time looking for the best interest rate and not the second best.

In addition, there is some information about risks and how to minimize risk for these type of investments.


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Where can I get interest on Avanlanche?

In this article, we have listed the best Avanlanche AVAX interest rates and staking rewards.


Company Reviews



MyCointainer with the best Avanlanche AVAX interest rates

MyCointainer is offering the best Avanlanche AVAX interest rates.

MyCointainer Pros and Cons

+ MyCointainer has very good interest rates on some crypto assets, including Avanlanche AVAX

– MyCointainer is a relative small player compared to Binance, Kraken, Celsius and other companies we list


Binance AVAX interest Rates

Binance usually has the best interest rates for many cryptocurrencies. However, for Avanlanche AVAX, MyCointainer beats Binance.

With Mycointainser you can get 12% on your Avanlanche AVAX holdings.

Binance Pros and Cons

See pros and cons with Binance Earn below

+ Binance is the largest crypto exchange in terms of volume

+ Binance Earn has very competitive interest rates for many cryptocurrencies

–  You have to lock up your funds for 60 days to acheive the best interest rates.

avanlanche AVAX interest Rates Risks

As for any investments, investment in cryptocurrencies involve a certain risk. On top of that, invest cryptocurrencies in yield products, like interest accounts or staking, adds another layer of risk.

Always weigh the risk versus the rewards before you invest in something.

Never invest what you can´t afford to lose.

Let´s summarize some of the risks you faces with Solana SOL interest products:

  • The company you deposit into can go bankrupt
  • The company you deposit into can be hacked
  • The cryptocurrency you own can loose in value (Also, some of the above companies have lock up periods and you might not be able to sell in time)

How to minimize the risks?

One important thing to handle is risk diversification.

Some examples of risk diversification are

  1. Limit you crypto exposure risk by not invest all your savings into cryptocurrencies
  2. Invest in more than only 1 cryptocurrency
  3. Do not invest all your cryptocurrencies into the same exchange or interest saving account

Read more about crypto risk management.

Why should you choose the best interest Rate?

Below, we have made an easy calculation why it´s important to choose the best interest rate over the second best.

This is especially true for long term holdings. However, don´t forget that the risk must be weight in here. 

For example, is it worth going for the best interest rate if you consider the first option involves more risk than the second best option? This question can only you answer and we provide the information.

Lets say you deposit $100 worth of AVAX to MyCointainer and $100 worth of AVAX to Binance. Also, pretend the AVAX/USD price is stable.

This is how much you will have over time

5 years146184
10 years214339
15 years313625
20 years4581152

What is avanlanche?

The Avalanche network attempts to improve scalability without compromising on decentralization. Three blockchains make up its mainnet: the X-Chain, C-Chain, and P-Chain.

The X-Chain is used for managing assets and uses the Avalanche consensus protocol. The C-Chain is for smart contracts creation and the P-Chain for coordinating validators. These two blockchains use the Snowman consensus protocol.

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