Best Basic Attention Token BAT Interest Rate and Highest Yield

Best Basic Attention Token Interest Rates and Highest Yields

Welcome to our article about the best Basic Attention Token BAT interest rates. We created this list to make sure you have the possibility to earn the highest yields.

It´s important to understand the difference between HODL in a hard wallet with no interest and to deposit into a crypto interest account and earn crypto passive income.

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Best Basic Attnetion Token BAT interest rates

In the table below, we have listed the best Basic Attention Token BAT interest rates.

As you can see, the BAT interest rates are low compared to SOL, ADA or BNB, for example.

This is because there is no inflation in the Basic Attention Token as you can read more about in the tokenomics section below.




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**Reduction in fees

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Kucoin Basic Attentio Token BAT Lending Rates

Kucoin offers an oprn market for crypto lending and borrowing.

The borrowers use the funds to trade with leverage and will pay the market price to lend a certain cryptocurrency for the ability to trade with leverage.

Therefore it’s hard to compare Kucoin interest rates since they are dynamic and change all the time. However, we will update the market rates as often as we can to make them correspond to the real market rates.

See the current Kucoin lending rates for BAT.

YouHodler - Best Basic Attention Token BAT interest rate

YouHodler is offering one of the best Basic Attention Token interest rate.

Here, you can earn 3% on your BAT holdings with no requirements attached.

Cryptocom Earn - BAT interest Rate is offering interest rate on many different cryptocurrencies, including Basic Attention Token.

The interest rate you receive on is dependant on how long you lock your funds (max 3 months) and how many CRO you are staking. Signup Bonus $25

Cryptocom is  offering a great welcome bonus of $25. You need to stake $400 CRO to get the welcome bonus.

Binance Earn - BAT Interest Rate

Binance Earn is not offering the best Basic Attention Token BAT interest rate. However, Binance Earn is offering the best interest for many other cryptocurrencies, including best Cardano ADA interest rate and best Solana SOL interest rate.


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What is Basic Attention Token BAT?

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a blockchain-based system for tracking media consumers’ time and attention on websites using the Brave web browser. Built on Ethereum, its goal is to efficiently distribute advertising money between advertisers, publishers, and readers of online marketing content and ads.

For more information about BAT, see the video below from Coin Bureau.

Basic Attention Token BAT tokenomics and Inflation rate

Basic Attention Token BAT tokenomis and inflation rate is important to understand if you are about to invest in BAT in earn interest rate.

The circulating supply is 1.491.829.868 and the max supply is 1.500.000.000

Risks with BAT interest Account

As for any investment, there are risks associated with Basic Attention Token BAT interest accounts.

Some of the risks are

  • A crypto interest account can be hacked
  • You might deposit into a scam company (that pretends to pay interest but is a Ponzi Scheme)
  • A provider of a crypto interest account can go bankrupt
  • The cryptocurrency you deposit can decrease in value (and your funds might be locked up for a certain period)

Where to buy Basic Attention Token BAT?




*Reduction in fees

**Available sign up bonuses

There are several places to buy Basic Attention Token BAT.

 In the screenshot below from Coingecko, you can see that Binance has the largest trading volumens and lowest spreads.

Best place to buy Basic Attention Token BAT for non US residents

In a few simple steps you can compare the markets yourself at Coingecko

  1. Go to Coingecko
  2. Search for Basic Attention Token BAT
  3. Click on the markets tab
  4. Look for the markets with most trading volume and lowest spread. In this case Binance

Best place to buy Basic Attention Token for US residents

Kraken is another great crypto exchange. Kraken is a regulated crypto exchange with lower fees than Coinbase. You also might want to check Kraken exchange if you are US resident.

How to pay tax on Basic Attention Token BAT interest payouts?

Yes, you have to pay tax on your Basic Attention Token BAT interest payouts in most countries.

Usually, most countries use income from capital and the tax rate can be anything from 15%-30%. You have to calculate the fiat value of each payout and calculate 30% of that value to receive your tax obligations.

However, if you sell or exchange your interest payouts you can receive additional taxable events. This is true if the underlying, in this case the BAT, has increased in value since the interest payout.


No problem, there are crypto tax software programmed to automate and help you with this process. Cointracking and Koinly are the two largest crypto tax software out there and they are both very good.

Koinly has a more simple interface while Cointracking has more features and more available connected human accountants to help you with complex crypto history.

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