Best Bitcoin BTC APY Interest Rate

Bitcoin passive income

Are you looking for the best Bitcoin BTC interest rates APY? 

  • NEXO offers the best available Bitcoin BTC interest rate, up to 7%. However, you must reach the top tier level to get 7%.
  • YouHodler offers the best Bitcoin BTC interest rate with no loyalty level or other requirements.
  • Kraken is the only company available for US customers to deposit Bitcoin BTC to a crypto interest account.

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Best Bitcoin BTC APY Rates

In the table below, we have listed all companies offering the best Bitcoin BTC interest rates with the highest APY.




Nexo logo

Nexo Bitcoin BTC Interest Account

Nexo Bitcoin interest account is quite attractive in terms of deposit requirements. You do not have a minimum amount of cryptos that need to be deposited, nor do you have any timeline limitations. 

Thus, you can deposit, earn daily, and withdraw at your leisure. In addition, the interest rate is up to 8% annually, higher than with other platforms. Read more about Nexo wallet loyalty levels and interest rates 2023.



  • You must hold NEXO tokens, opt-in to receive interest in NEXO tokens, and lock your funds for one month to receive the best interest rates.

YouHodler Bitcoin Interest Rate

YouHodler gives a 4.5% interest rate on the Bitcoin saving account.

YouHodler has no lock-up periods and no native token staking requirements.

You must deposit a minimum of $100 equivalent, and you can earn interest on a maximum of $100.000 equivalents.

If you are a Bitcoin Cash hodler, YouHodler offers the best Bitcoin Cash BCH interest rates APY.

Pros and Cons YouHodler


  • No native token requirement
  • No lock-up periods


  • Many different withdrawal fees
  • Minimum $100 deposit and maximum $100.000 exchange logo Bitcoin BTC Interest Account and Bonus App has a feature called Earn in their mobile app, a Bitcoin and crypto interest account. Here you can deposit your crypto and lock it for different periods:

  • Flexible account
  • One month
  • Three months

The different Bitcoin interest rates are based on the lock-up period and your CRO staking amount.

  • 1.5-4.5 %, if you stake less than $400 in CRO
  • 2-6.5 %, if you stake more than $4.000 in CRO
  • 2-8.5 %, if you stake more than $40.000 in CRO

The CRO staking will also help you get a CRO Visa prepaid card with better rewards.

You can get a $25 bonus when you sign up with the app with our referral code. You need to deposit and stake CRO worth $400 to release the bonus. Exchange also has a desktop version where that offers somewhat different features. Here, you can stake your CRO for a passive income or deposit to Supercharger, which you can read more about in our dedicated article.

You have to lock your CRO for six months for the CRO staking in the exchange. After that, you will get lower trading fees and more rewards, as shown in the screenshot below.

You can get a 2% deposit bonus, up to 500 CRO, when you sign up via us to the exchange, which is a web application different from the mobile application.


– High-interest rate on your locked CRO

– Additional benefits like the Supercharger and lower trading fees


– You have to lock your CRO stake for 180 days which you can unlock earlier, but then you will not receive any accumulated interest rate

Kraken Bitcoin BTC Interest Rate

Kraken offers to stake in more cryptocurrencies than Coinbase.

It’s straightforward to start staking with Kraken.

  1. Deposit staking assets – Buy assets or fund your Kraken account with one of the assets that are eligible for staking below.
  2. Select an asset to stake – Choose from the available support in your spot wallet.
  3. Earn rewards as passive income – You will receive rewards from your staked assets twice a week.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency created in January 2009.

 The white paper from 2009 describes the idea and technical details of Bitcoin.

The title was “Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system,” released by the anonymous and pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin offers (compared to the traditional currency system)

  • Decentralized Authority (No central authority dictates the protocol)
  • Finite Supply (No more than 21 million Bitcoin will ever be created)
  • Full Transparency (The ledger of all transaction history is publicly available)
  • Fast international transactions for a low cost
  • No restrictions on who can obtain a Bitcoin account (Inclusion into the financial system)
  • No single point of failure (In practice, impossible to hack the system)
See an introduction video about Bitcoin below.

Bitcoin Interest Account and Risks

All investments involve a particular risk. It´s a part of their definition.

However, the difficult part is to identify and quantify the risks. Therefore, we will help you to identify some risks. Still, the quantification is very individual based on factors such as (what time horizon you invest for, how much of your total portfolio you are investing, how you diversify your investments, etc.)

These risks are associated with a Bitcoin interest account on a 3rd party account. A 3rd party are online crypto lending platforms or exchanges like Binance, NEXO, Celsius, Blockfi etc.

  • The 3rd party can go bankrupt. For example, CRED, a crypto interest account provider, went bankrupt.
  • The company can be hacked, which has happened to several exchanges, including Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, etc. However, almost all crypto exchanges have managed to refund in different ways after a hack. Mt Gox is an exception.
  • The company can be a scam seen by many cloud mining companies, for example.
  • Custody of keys. Your private keys function as a verification mechanism embedded in your crypto wallet and you give them up once you deposit them to a 3rd party platform. A famous among cryptocurrency enthusiasts are “Not your keys, not you coins“.

Read our dedicated article about crypto risk management strategies 2022.

Cryptocurrency Investment Risks

The above-mentioned risks are only associated with interest-earning products and what risks come with investing with them, especially 3rd party investment platforms.

However, there are also certain risks involved with just investing and holding cryptocurrencies you should be aware of.

Some of these risks are

  •  Cryptocurrencies are volatile since it’s still a relatively new investment class
  • The taxable events of cryptocurrencies are still uncleared for some assets and transactions even though there are some clarities for the large cryptocurrencies and the major transaction categories.
  • Some people report problems to exchange into fiat currencies and deposit into a traditional bank account. The traditional banks have started to make harder AML controls.

How to pay tax on Bitcoin BTC interest Payouts?

You have to pay tax on your Bitcoin BTC interest payouts. Report crypto tax is a straightforward procedure if you create an account with crypto tax software.

Crypto tax software can help you automatically import all your transactions via an API and categorize them accordingly to the correct tax category.

In addition, you can manually add transactions via a CSV file.

We recommend Koinly and Cointracking as crypto tax software, and they support 20+ countries and offer a free version.

Tax Software


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Where to buy Bitcoin BTC Cryptocurrency?

There are many great exchanges to buy Bitcoin BTC, but we have isolated the two best places to buy Bitcoin.

  • The best crypto exchange to buy Bitcoin BTC for non-US customers
  • The best crypto exchange to buy Bitcoin for US customers

Best place to buy Bitcoin BTC for non US residents

Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange and the best place to buy Bitcoin BTC.

However, they don´t accept US customers.

Best place to buy Bitcoin BTC for US residents

Kraken and Coinbase are the two largest and most regulated US crypto exchanges.

Both of them are good, but Kraken has more reasonable fees.

Earn the Best Interest Rates APY on your Altcoin Holdings

Can I also earn interest on my USDT holdings?

Yes, you can earn great interest rates on your USDT stablecoin holdings.

In addition, USDT can give you among the best yields, and you can find interest rates of +12%.

Read more about the best USDT interest rates.

How to earn the best Bitcoin Cash BCH interest rates?

Several companies are offering great interest rates for Bitcoin Cash BCH. Nexo and Youhodler are offering you the to earn incredible APY on your BCH deposits.

Here, we have listed all the best Bitcoin CASH BCH interest rates and staking rewards.

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