Best Cardano ADA Interest Rates and Highest APY

Best Cardano ADA Interest Rates and Highest APY


Let´s list the best Cardano ADA interest rates and see where you can gain the best APY on your idle holding.

In the end of this article we discuss why it´s important to find the best interest rates to maximize your crypto passive income.

Also, we do have a section regarding what risks are involved when you are investing your crypto in 3th party applications.

No Financial Advice, Information only. Do your own research

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a decentralized proof-of-stake (PoS) platform. Some refers to Cardano as a third generation blockchain while Bitcoin is the 1st and Ethereum the 2nd.

Cardano separates itself from other by a commitment to peer-review scientific research as building blocks for updates to the platform.

  1. IOHK, non-profit foundation
  2. Cardano Foundation, non-profit foundation
  3. EMURGO, for profit entity
IOHK is responsible for building Cardano and consists of academics spread across the world to producs research and review the platform updates before implementation.

Best Cardano ADA Interest Rates

In the table below, we have listed all the best Cardano ADA interest rates.

Here, you will find where to deposit your ADA coins to receive the highest APY and generate more ADA.

Binance Bitcoin Exchange Logo
Kraken Logo

Binance Cardano interest Rates

Binance is offering th ebest interest rates for Cardano ADA.

Binance is the largest crypto exchange in the world and they have a lot of different features on their trading platform. On of these are, Binance Earn, and here you can stake your Cardano ADA coins to receive the best interest rate.

Pros and Con with Binance staking

+ Binance has extreme high yields, up to 17.79% APY for Cardano

+ Binance is the largest crypto exchange

– The duration i sonly 15 days for the best interest days and 30 days for 7.79%

– The yield staking programs can get filled up

Read more about the high yield staking offer from Binance.

Kraken Cardano interest rates

Kraken is offering one of the best interest rates for Cardano ADA token. 

Kraken is one of the largest crypto exchange sin the world. Kraken is a regulated crypto exchange in the US.

Kraken pros and cons

+ Kraken is regulated in the US

+ Kraken allows US citizens

+ Kraken has a high security

– Kraken has a bit lower Cardano interest rates than Binance

Read our full Kraken review.

Risks with Cardano Interest and Savings accounts

As for any investments, staking with Binance or Kraken also involves risks.

Always consider the risk versus the rewards before you invest your cryptocurrencies.

Risks are

  • Exchanges can be hacked (This has happened a numerous times in the history. Examples are Bitstamp and Binance)
  • Exchanges can default or do mistakes
  • Exchanges can misbehave in the staking program and lose their stake

Why its important to get the best Cardano ADA interest rate?

Over a lon time period it´s very important to make sure that you receive the best interest rate.


Because of the compounding effect (interest-on-interest).

What is that?

Let´s say you have 100 ADA tokens and you keep them in an account with no interest. After, 5,10 or 20, years you will still have your 100 ADA tokens.

What if you deposit them into Binance and earn 7.79%?

  1. 100 ADA will be 146 ADA in 5 years
  2. 100 ADA will be 212 ADA in 10 years
  3. 100 ADA will be 448 ADA in 20 years
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