Best ChainLink LINK Interest Rates and Staking Rates

Best ChainLink LINK Interest Rates and Staking Rates

It in this article, we will check where to get the best Chainlink LINK interest rates and staking rates.

Chainlink is becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. No one should really be surprised since almost all application needs oracles to work properly.

Here, you will find how you can get your idle LINK tokens to work for you and earn crypto passive income.

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What is chainlink?

Chainlink is a cryptocurrency network that provides a link between real world data and smart contracts.

In addition, Chainlin also consist of the tradeable ERC-20 token, LINK, which is used to pay for smart contract transactions on the Chainlink network.

Chainlink allows smart contracts to interact with off-chain resources, such as data feeds or web APIs, in a decentralized manner. Chainlink was originally built on the Ethereum network but now working on different blockchain networks.

How to earn Interest on Chainlink LINK?

In the table below, we have listed all different ways to earn interest on your Chainlink LINK tokens. Here, you will find interest accounts and staking.

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BlockFi Chainlink Interest Account

On BlockFi you can deposit your Chainlink LINK tokens and earn 3.5% APY without doing anything.

BlockFi is a solid cryptocurrency application offering interest accounts, borrowing, trading and soon Visa credit card.

There is no minimum or maximum amount for the LINK interest account on BlockFi. For other cryptocurrencies, BlockFi has applied minimum and maximum balances to get the interest.

BlockFi allows for one free withdrawal per month and their withdrawal security routines are rigorous.

Read more about BlockFi in our BlockFi review. Chainlink LINK interest account

With NEXO you can earn extra passive income with your Chainlink LINK tokens. Here, you deposit your tokens and start earning immediately.

The process is simple but they have a quite complicated loyalty structure.

Your interest rate will depend on two parameters

  1. How big percentage of you total holding on NEXO is in the NEXO token
  2. Whether, or not, yo choose to receive the payout in NEXO tokens or your deposited cryptocurrency

Celsius Chainlink LINK interest account

Celsius Network is offering Chainlink LINK interest account among many other cryptocurrencies.

However, the LINK rate at Celsius Network is low and you should consider any of the other alternatives given in this article.

Celsius Network is one of the largest cryptocurrency interest accounts applications with it´s native token, CEL.

Celsius Network has better yields for Polygon MATIC token. Read more about Celsius in our Celsius Network review.

YouHodler Chainlink LINK interest account

YouHodler is offering the best rate for the Chainlink LINK token. Here, you will get 6.2% when we publish this article.

Youhodler is realtive new and small platform compared to Celsius, Nexo and BlockFi.

However, they have a great user interface and great products, such as Multi HODL and Turbo Charge.

With YouHodler Multi HODL feature you can multiply your crypto assets using a portion of your YouHodler wallet balance. You can keep the majority of your funds in a safe and stable wallet while earning interest and using some amount to engage in trading activities with high-profit potential.

With YouHodler Turbocharge feature you can your crypto as collateral to get much more crypto and benefit in case of further price growth.

Binance Chainlink LINK interest account

Binance has saving products to earn interest for most cryptocurrencies, but not for the Chainlink LINK token.

Here, you will only earn 0.39% and you should definitely consider any of the other alternatives for LINK passive income.

Read more about Binance in our Binance review.

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