Best CRO Interest Rates and Staking Rewards

Best CRO interest rates and staking rewards

Where to get the best Interest rates and staking rewards?

Of course you will earn best passive income with your CRO within the ecosystem.

However, what is the ecosystem and where will you get the best interest rates and staking rewards within the ecosystem?

In addition, you will be able to collect a $50 free sign up bonus with the exchange and a $25 bonus with the app.


the Best Interest Rate or Staking Rewards

There are two places that are offering CRO interest rates and staking rewards

Those two are

  • Desktop Exchange
  • Mobile application





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Earn the best Interest on Exchange

You will earn the best CRO interest rates and staking rewards on the desktop exchange.

Here, you can earn 10% APY on your CRO staking. The drawback is that you need to lock your funds for 180 days. However, you can unlock your funds whenever you want but at the cost that you will be paid 0% interest for that period.

More Benefits of Staking CRO on the Exchange

If you stake your CRO coin in the desktop exchange you will get more benefits than just the interest.

Earn Rebates
Get 20% – 100% discounted from your trading fees when you stake and pay fees with CRO.

Participate in The Syndicate
Gain access to The Syndicate, a fundraising platform for premium digital assets. Pay Benefits
Maximise Pay Rewards for each transaction paid in CRO. Read more about Pay.


With the Supercharger you deposit your CRO for a month and earn another token. The rewards are dependent on how many other people are staking the same supercharger period. Read more about the CRO supercharger  calculations and profitability. Referral Code: mcmk7qgbhh

Earn the best Interest on App

You can earn great interest rates and staking reeards if you stake your CRO with the mobiel app.

Here, you will get 2-6% interest paid on your staking amount. In addition you will get a lot more benefits connected to the metal VISA card you will receive.

More Benefits of Staking CRO on the App

If you chose to stakke your CRO on the mobile app you will be eligble to request a VISA metal card with a lot of benefits connected to it.

What benefits you will get depends on how much you stake but you can get free Spotify, free Netflix, free Amazon prime, free gift and up to 8% cashback.

Read more about  CRO VISA card staking requirements and rewards.

What is the CRO token ?

Where to Buy CRO token? CRO Markets

Where is the best place to buy the CRO token and what are the available markets for the CRO token?The best way to find out this is to search for the coin on Coingecko and click on the markets tab.

As you can see in the screenshot below, CRO is listed on Coinbase which also have the most trading volume. However, the only reason to hold the CRO token is to stake it on and receive all the benefits that comes with it.

Therefor, we recommend to sign up with and buy the token directly in the app or the desktop exchange. CRO markets screenshot from Coingecko

Pay tax on CRO interest and staking rewards

Yes, you have to pay tax on the CRO crypto interest payouts and staking rewards. The most convenient way to report taxes on crypto interest payouts are to use a crypto tax software. A crypto tax software can automatically import all your transactions, categorize them in the correct tax bracket and calculate your taxes in your local fiat currency.

We think Koinly is the best crypto tax software. They also have agreat free version.

Koinly Logo

Risks with CRO interest and staking rewards

There are certain risks associated with staking CRO to receive interest payouts.

You should identify and be aware of all the major risks associated. Some of the risks can be personal. For example, you might need to sell of CRO within 180 days and you might want to consider to not stake them and look for alternative ways to earn passive income.

Read more about about crypto portfolio risk management in our dedicated article.