Best EOS Interest Rate and Staking Rewards for Highest APY

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Welcome, in this article we will list all the best places to deposit EOS in order to achieve the highest interest rates.

Also, we will make short introductions to each platform and there is also a more extensive review for each of the services offering EOS interest rate.

In the end their is a discussion regarding the risks involved vs the rewards you receive. 

If you are interested in earning interest and passive income on other cryptocurrencies than EOS, see our article about crypto passive income.

What is EOS?

EOS is a blockchain decentralized system infrastructure that enables the development of decentralized applications (dApps).

Best EOS interest Rates for Passive Income

In the table below, we have listed all the best interest rates for EOS. You will find different services offering different interest rates.

Below the table, we analyze each one of the alternatives for a EOS interest account.


Company Reviews



YouHodler with the best EOS interest Rate

YouHodler is offering the best interest rate for EOS with no obligations.

Here, you can earn a 5% return. With YouHodler the is no duration terms and you can just deposit your coins and hold them in the account.

YouHodler is offering the best interest rates for Litecoin.

Binance EOS interest Rate

Binance is offering one of the best EOS interest rate where you can earn 4.22% on your EOS deposits.

Binance have the best interest rates for many other cryptocurrencies like

Celsius 3th best EOS interest Rate

With Celsius Network, you can receive the 3th best interest rate for EOS. 

Celsius Network is offering very competitive interest rates for Polygon(MATIC), Syntethix(SNX), Compound(COMP) and Aave(AAVE). You can read more about MATIC in our article about the best Polygon MATIC interest rates.

NEXO 4th Best EOS interest Rate

Nexo is offering the 4th best interest rate for Tron TRX cryptocurrency. We have only considered to base interest rate Nexo is offering because there are so many criteria to fulfill to reach the maximum interest rate.

To reach 8%, you must

  • Have at least 10% of your portfolio allocated in the NEXO token
  • Chose to receive the interest payments in the NEXO token
  • Lock your funds for 1 month
Read more about NEXO in our NEXO wallet review.

Risks with Deposit EOS for Earning Interest rate

All investments always involves risks, earning interest on EOS is no exception.

First of all, the alternatives mentioned above all involves a 3th party and this 3th party can

  • Be a scam
  • Be hacked
  • Go bankrupt

All of the above scenarios have happened within the crypto industry. However, they happen less frequent now than just for a couple of years ago. We have a longer section regarding risks in our article about the best Ethereum Ether interest rates.

Rewards with Deposit EOS for Earning Interest Rate

The rewards you get to deposit your EOS to earn interest rate is easy to quantify and that is what this article is about.

The reward is the interest you earn in return for deposit you EOS coins into any of the above mentioned services.

IS the reward worth the risk?

This is only an informational source and you must take this decision yourself based on your criteria and preferences and make a proper risk vs reward calculation based on your personal economy. You might find some helpful information in our article about crypto portfolio risk management 2021.

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