Best Fantom FTM Interest Rates and Staking Rewards

Best Fantom FTM Interest Rates and Staking Rewards

We publish the best Fantom FTM interest rates and staking rewards. Here, you find information about where to deposit to earn the best crypto yield APY.

In addition, we describe what Fantom FTM utility token and blockchain are. 

See also where to buy Fantom FTM tokens at the end of the article.

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Best Fantom FTM Interest Rates and Staking Rewards

See the best Fantom FTM interest rates and staking rewards listed below.

Read more about the different Fantom FTM interest-earning sites further down.




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NEXO Fantom FTM Interest-Earning

Nexo is one of the world’s largest crypto lending institutions in the digital finance industry.

Nexo allows you to lend your cryptocurrencies to earn interest. Also, you can borrow cash or stablecoins with your crypto as collateral without the need for a credit check.

At NEXO you can get up to 10% APY yield on your FTM deposits.

To reach the highest interest you need to

  • Be Platinum tier level in the NEXO loyalty levels 
  • Opt-in to earn the interest payouts in the NEXO token
  • Opt-in to lock you funds for 1 month

NEXO pros and cons


  • High-interest rates for many cryptocurrencies and stablecoins
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • More features than only interest-earning products like an exchange, NEXO card, and borrowing against your crypto


  • Complicated structure to reach the highest interest rates
  • Don’t accept US customers for the interest-earning products

Earn Fantom FTM Interest with YouHodler

YouHodler is similar to Nexo, a crypto-fiat wallet to get crypto-backed loans. Here, you can earn interest on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with crypto savings accounts. Also, you can borrow when using your cryptocurrencies as collateral. 

Read more about Youhodler in our Youhodler review.

What is Fantom Crypto?

Fantom (FTM) is the native utility token that drives the Fantom Blockchain.  

Each application built on Fantom operates on its own unique blockchain. While operating on its own blockchain, each Fantom dApp also enjoys the security, speed, and finality of the parent Fantom blockchain

How to buy Fantom FTM Crypto?

According to Coingecko, the largest Fantom FTM markets are listed in the screenshot.

Here, you can find Binance which has the most traded markets for many cryptocurrencies. Find more information about Binance in our Binance review.

However, Binance doesn’t accept customers from the USA. If you are a US citizen you can go for Kucoin instead. Read more about the Kucoin exchange and lending feature.

Best Fantom FTM exchanges from Coingecko screenshot