Best PAX Gold APY Earning Interest Rates

Best PAX Gold APY Earning Interest Rates

We list the PAX Gold APY interest rates offered by different companies. PAX Gold is a kind of stablecoin since its value is pegged to the gold price in dollar terms.

With Pax gold, there is a possibility to earn a yield on your gold exposure which is very hard to find anywhere else. Most exposure to gold actually cost moany since they have to physically secure the gold with armor fence or similar.

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Best PAX Gold APY Earning Interest Rates

We have summarized all the best PAX Gold APY earning sites with interest rates in a table.

As you can see, NEXO and Coinloan offer the best interest rates on your PAX Gold deposits.

However, they both have additional requirements in terms of loyalty levels




NEXO PAX Gold APY interest Rate

NEXO is paying you a high APY interest rate on your deposited PAX gold tokens. NEXO started as a crypto lending and borrowing company. 

However, NEXO has expanded to be a complete crypto ecosystem, including exchange, trading with Nexo Pro, and the NEXO crypto credit card.

Nexo has very competitive interest rates for all cryptocurrencies, especially if you reach the highest loyalty level, Platinum member. The requirements to achieve the Nexo platinum level are achievable for anyone since you need to hold 10% of your total portfolio in Nexo tokens.

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YouHodler PAX Gold APY interest Rates

YouHodler pays a medium-high PAX Gold APY interest rate on your deposits.

Here, you earn 3% APR up to $20.000 equivalents with no additional requirements.

YouHodler is much more than just a borrowing and lending company. For example, they offer YouHodler dual asset which is similar to short-term options with a possibility of extremely high yields up to 365% APR.

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Binance PAX Gold APY Interest Rate

Binance Earn gives you the opportunity to earn passive income APY on a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, including PAX Gold.

However, the interest rates vary a lot, sometime Binance Earn offers by far the best rate and sometimes by far the lowest rate, as is the case for PAX gold.

What is PAX Gold?

Pax Gold is a stablecoin pegged to the dollar price of gold.

It was created by Paxos Standard and is backed by physical gold.

Each PAXG token is backed by one fine troy ounce of a 400 oz London Good Delivery gold bar, which is stored in Brink’s vaults.

Where to Buy PAX Gold?

Binance and Kraken are two great crypto exchanges to buy or sell PAX gold at.

Binance is not accessible for US citizens but Kraken is.





PAX Gold Chart and Price History

In the PAX Gold chart from Coingecko below, you can track the gold price performance against Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH since the launch of the PAX Gold in Jan 2020. 

As you can see, the PAX Gold has outperformed both Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH during the period. However, since there are three different Y-axis it’s hard to see exact the difference in performance. 

In addition, 2021-2022 has been one of the greatest bear market in the crypto history.

Pax Gold Chart and price history VS Bitcoin and Ethereum from Coingecko